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Commanders can create or join Alliances to work together to earn rewards and more by participating in Alliance Quests and Alliance Missions, and asking for Alliance Help. Access to Alliances are unlocked at level 5.

Upon joining an Alliance for the first time, a Commander would receive a Premium Bot Crystal, 25 Energon, and 100 Loyalty. This was replaced with an Objective, which would give 20 Energon, 3 Alliance Crystals, and 1000 Gold.


You can choose to spend  25 Energon or 2,000 Arena Chips  to create a new Alliance. Start your own Alliance in the Alliance Tab, by selecting ”Create Alliance”.

This will allow you to select:

  • Your Alliance Name (not unique)
  • Your Alliance Tag (unique)
  • Description of the Alliance
  • Privacy Type: OpenClosed or By Request


  • An open Alliance allows every Player to join without sending a request.
  • Selecting “By Request” forces users to send a request to the Alliance leader.
  • Players cannot apply to join a closed Alliance.
  • Description and privacy type can be changed by Alliance Leaders.


Every Alliance has up to 18 Members, divided in 3 Ranks:

  • Leader [only 1 per Alliance] - can update Alliance information, help, invite and accept new members, kick members from the Alliance, promote, and demote users.
  • Officers [no limit] - can update Alliance information, help, invite and accept new members, and kick members from the Alliance.
  • Members - can only help others.

If a Leader wishes to leave the Alliance, they will be able to promote an Officer to Leader. If the Leader leaves without promoting another member to that role, the player who has been in the Alliance the longest will be appointed Leader.

If all members leave an Alliance, it will be disbanded forever.

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