Transformers: Forged to Fight Wiki

Class wheel/roster showcasing some Bots, as seen on the loading screen in v4.0.

The term 'Bot' refers to any Transformers character, be they Autobot, Decepticon, Maximal or Predacon. There are six classes of bots: Brawler, Warrior, Scout, Tech, and Demolitions, and Tactician.

Each class has a Class advantage over each other, so it is smart to plan out your squad. Bots can also interact with each other by Synergy Bonuses. There are currently three Transformers universes from which these characters come from: Generation 1/Generations (with designs based on toys from various toylines) the Movieverse (live-action film series), and Beast Wars.

Bots vary in star rarity, from 1-Star to 5-Star. Each Bot has a Rating that can be increased by leveling and ranking up the Bot.  Each Bot has three unique Special Attacks, as well as a Signature Ability that is awakened from getting a duplicate.



Brawler-small.png Brawler Bots
Grimlock Icon.jpgGrindor Icon v2.jpgMotormaster Icon v2.jpgOptimus Prime MV1 Icon v2.jpgOptimus Primal Icon.jpgTantrum Icon.jpgThundercracker Icon.png


Warrior-small.png Warrior Bots
Arcee Icon New.jpgBludgeon Icon v4.jpgBonecrusher Icon New.jpgDrift Icon v2.jpgHot Rod Icon v2.jpgHound Icon.jpgScorponok Icon.jpg


Scout-small.png Scout Bots
Barricade Icon v3.jpgSideswipe Icon v3.jpgWindblade Icon v3.jpgProwl Icon.jpgBumblebee G1 Icon v2.jpgKickback Icon.jpgCheetor Icon.jpgJazz Icon.jpg


Tech-small.png Tech Bots
Mirage Icon v2.jpgRatchet Icon v2.jpgRhinox Icon v3.jpgSoundwave Icon v2.jpgShockwave Icon v3.jpgBlaster Icon.jpgWheeljack Icon.jpgJetfire Icon.jpg


Demolitions-small.png Demolitions Bots
Ironhide Icon v2.jpgMixmaster Icon v2.jpgWaspinator Icon v3.jpgMegatron Icon v3.jpgRamjet Icon v3.jpgGalvatron Icon v2.jpgMegatronus Icon.jpg


Tactician-small.png Tactician Bots
Optimus Prime Icon v3.jpgStarscream Icon v2.jpgBumblebee Icon v2.jpgUltra Magnus Icon v4.jpgDinobot Icon v2.jpgMegatron G1 Icon v2.jpgCyclonus Icon.jpgNemesis Prime icon.jpg


Sharkticon Scout Icon v3.jpgTech Sharkticon Icon v3.jpgDemolitions Sharkticon Icon v3.jpgSharkticon Tactician Icon v3.jpgSharkticon Brawler Icon v3.jpgSharkticon Warrior Icon v3.jpgS-1000 Icon v2.jpg

Upcoming Bots

These portraits were found in the game's 9.0 source files.

Mentioned / Unplayable Bots

Other Transformers have been mentioned in Story missions and Special Missions, but they are not (yet) actual in-game bots.

  • Starscream (MV1)
  • Shrapnel
  • Bombshell
  • Blackarachnia
  • Perceptor
  • Rampage
  • Inferno
  • Cicadacon
  • Megatron (Beast Wars)
  • Galvatron (Age of Extinction)
  • Jetfire (ROTF)
  • Tarantulas
  • G1 Hot Rod
  • Beast Wars Rattrap
  • The Golden Sharkticon
  • Astrotrain
  • Sentinel Prime (DOTM)

Shattered Glass

These mirror universe Shattered Glass story arc Bots are unplayable variants of the regular Bots can only be seen in dialogues in Special Missions. If you are facing a regular Bot in these missions as bosses, you are technically facing a Shattered Glass Bot.

  • SG Megatron
  • SG Starscream
  • SG Cheetor
  • SG Arcee
  • SG DOTM Bumblebee
  • SG Ratchet
  • SG G1 Optimus Prime
  • SG Jazz
  • SG Wheeljack
  • SG Ironhide
  • SG Movie Optimus Prime