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Brawler is one of six Bot Classes. It has a Class Bonus against Warrior, but is weak to Tactician.


Brawler Bots are armored allies and furious foes that value strength at any cost.

Class Bonus

  • The low Critical Rate and high attack of Brawler Bots give them an advantage over Warrior Bots.
  • Brawlers have a high Health rating.
  • Brawlers love to dash to their opponents.
  • All brawlers rely on melee attacks.
  • Most Brawlers utilize Armor Buffs and Melee Buffs. These buffs, however, can be neutralized by Tacticians.
  • Some Brawlers take advantage of damaging debuffs, like Bleed.

List of Brawler Bots

Brawler-small.png Brawler Bots
Grimlock Icon.jpgGrindor Icon v2.jpgMotormaster Icon v2.jpgOptimus Prime MV1 Icon v2.jpgOptimus Primal Icon.jpgTantrum Icon.jpgThundercracker Icon.png