Resurrected by the same dark energies as his master Galvatron, Cyclonus leads a mighty armada provided by Unicron himself. Loyal, patient, and skilled, Cyclonus is ultimately the counterbalance to Galvatron’s chaotic rule.

Max StatsEdit

  • 2-Star:
    • Health: 1907
    • Attack: 149
    • Max Rating: 544
  • 3-Star:
    • Health: 4682
    • Attack: 315
    • Max Rating: 1294
  • 4-Star:
    • Health: 12169
    • Attack: 818
    • Max Rating: 3520
  • 5-Star:
    • Health: 29543
    • Attack: 1986
    • Max Rating: 7043 (sig 0)

Game AbiltiesEdit

Basic Abilities Edit

  • Dark Energy - Grants increased Attack Rating and powers the Dark Field.
  • Dark Field - A close range of pulse of dark energy that inflicts Dark Burn and has a chance to Nullify Buffs.
  • Discipline - This bot's extensive training allows it to excel in many situations.

Abilities Edit

  • When Filling a Power Bar
    • Each bar of power grant’s Cyclonus a Dark Energy Charge, increasing Attack Rating by 22~30% for 6 seconds.
  • Dark Field
    • When Cyclonus gains Dark Energy or completes a full Melee Combo with Dark Energy active, his Dark Field pulses.
    • The Dark Field inflicts Dark Burn, dealing 20% of Attack as instant Energy Damage and has a 60~76% chance to Nullify an enemy buff. If the opponent is Unstoppable this chance increases to 100%.
    • If an opponent with an Unstoppable buff Dashes toward Cyclonus, he instantly gains Dark Energy, Nullifies the Unstoppable buff, and inflicts Stun for 1.5 seconds.
  • Discipline
    • After being struck 5 times by Melee Attacks, Cyclonus gains a 18~28% Physical Resistance Buff for 7~9 seconds.
    • After landing 6 Ranged Attacks, Cyclonus gains a Ranged Bonus, increasing damage from Ranged Attacks by 15~25% and Projectile Speed for 5~7 seconds.
    • After landing 10 Melee Attacks, Cyclonus gains a Melee Bonus, increasing damage from Melee Attacks by 15~25% for 5~7 seconds.
Level Dark Energy Nullify Chance Physical Resistance Ranged Bonus Melee Bonus
1 22% 60% 18%/7 sec 15%/5 sec 15%/5 sec
2 24% 64% 20%/7.5 sec 18%/5.5 sec 18%/5.5 sec
3 26% 68% 22%/8 sec 20%/6 sec 20%/6 sec
4 28% 72% 25%/8.5 sec 22%/6.5 sec 22%/6.5 sec
5 30% 76% 28%/9 seconds 25%/7 seconds 25%7 seconds

Signature Ability Edit

Dark Servitude

Pledging loyalty to Unicron has imbued Cyclonus with unimaginable power.

  • Dark Burns inflicted by the Dark Field deal 20~120% more damage.
Rank Dark Burn
5 20%
10 25.3%

Special Attacks Edit

  1. Cosmic Edge - A blade, honed and deadly as its wielder.
    • 100% Armor Piercing.
  2. Galaxy Gun - A blast of cosmic proportions.
    • 100% chance the last hit of this attack is Unblockable.
  3. Interstellar Ride - Cyclonus takes a precisely calculated trip through the center of his opponent.
    • Cyclonus Gains Dark Energy and begins to automatically pulse the Dark Field for 10 seconds.

Synergy BonusesEdit

  • Synergy-incomingSynergy-outgoing AlliesKickback, Tantrum - +2~3~8% Armor
  • Synergy-incomingSynergy-outgoing EnemiesUltra Magnus, Arcee, Blaster - +2~3~8% Attack
  • Synergy-outgoing Hand of ChaosGalvatron - All Decepticon Special Attacks gain +2~6~15% Special Attack Damage and +2~6~15% Critical Damage.
  • Synergy-outgoing Leadership (5-Star) - Acting as a beacon of leadership for the team, all lower tier teammates +10% Armor Rating.

Strategy Edit

Player Edit

Staying close to the enemy is a very useful idea. While Cyclonus can fight at range, his dark field will not deal any damage or nullify and buffs. Staying close to the enemy is a good idea, and dealing successful combos will help towards your gain.

Cyclonus is a very good bot to use in raids. His first special is useful against security module bots and is an obvious counter to defending Motormasters

Opponent Edit

Conversely, don't engage in melee combat very often. Ranged combat will help you stay away from his dark field and prevent the removal of your buffs.

Strong Match-ups Edit

  • Motormaster - Motormaster’s Unstoppable will become a disadvantage when fighting against Cyclonus and his Dark Field.
  • Optimus Prime (MV1) - Cyclonus’ sword will pierce even the toughest armor, stopping the Autobot leader from making his epic last stand.

Weak Match-ups Edit

  • Galvatron - The master of chaos, Galvatron, will be able to deal most of his damage at range, avoiding the Dark Field. It is also important to note that Galvatron’s Unstoppable cannot be Nullified.
  • Shockwave - Shockwave can ensure that Cyclonus never reaches a bar of power to gain his Dark Energy.

Recommended Modules Edit

  • Robot Resource - Robot Resources will push Cyclonus to gain Dark Energy faster.
  • Harm Accelerator - Not taking damage from Cyclonus will be a rare occurrence; add another constant tick of damage and watch the opponent wilt.
  • Raids: Bots with an Exo-Filter will have their Mod used against them as Cyclonus Nullifies Unstoppable buffs and Stuns.

Obtainment Edit

  • Allegiance Crystal
  • Discipline Crystal
  • September 2018 Cyclonus Bot Chips
  • January 2019 Login Calendar
  • Premium Bot Crystals (added February 2019)

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • His design is based on Combiner Wars Cyclonus figure which is a repaint/retool of Silverbolt, while his gun is based on Universe 2008 Cyclonus’ targetmaster partner, Nightstick in purple.