The E.M.I Module is a Defense Module that interferes with opponent's ranged attacks.
EMI Module New


Electrostatic Interference obstructs even the most sophisticated guidance systems, preventing enemies in the vicinity from landing effective projectile attacks.

Max StatsEdit



  • Ranged Attacks: Decreases Ranged Speed by 15~31.7%.
  • When Attacked:
    • 22%~ chance to evade the opponent's Basic Ranged attacks.
    • 25%~ chance to maintain your block against Heavy Ranged Attacks.
Rank Ranged Debuff Evade Block Chance
1 15% 22% 25%
2 20% 26% 29%
3 25% 30% 33%
4 31.7% 34% 38%

Signature AbilityEdit

Electrostatic Decoupling

Decreases the opponent's Ranged Attacks' Damage.

Passive: Opponent's Ranged Attacks deal % less damage.

Level Damage Reduction
5 18.6%
10 24%
15 28.6%
70 64.8%


Defense Edit

Some Bots and their abilities have a weakness against Ranged Attacks; with the E.M.I Module, opponents would have to fight up close for attacks to be effective, which would give Bots with melee playstyles or Bots with range-boosting abilities a great advantage.

  • Bumblebee (DOTM) - Bumblebee will stay in Melee Calibration Mode, constantly Evading melee attacks.
  • Bumblebee - Forcing opponents to stay close to Bee will charge his Signature Ability.
  • Optimus Primal - Optimus Primal’s biggest disadvantage is his reliance on Melee Attacks. This module will help ensure he can thwart ranged opponents like that pesky Starscream.
  • Hound
  • Ultra Magnus - Opponents won't be able to shift his physical resistance easily.

Raids Edit

This module doesn't give a boost to the Base Defender as much as it hampers attackers. Bots whose abilities rely on their Ranged Attacks and Bots with Heavy Ranged Attacks will struggle against Bots with this module. It is better to use strong melee Bots instead.

Weak Match-ups Edit