Energy is required to advance through Solo Missions. Depending on the difficulty, each node on a map consumes 1~3 Energy.

It takes six minutes for each unit of energy to recharge. If you do not have enough Energy to proceed to the next node, there are some ways you can get more. If you are in an Alliance, you can ask for help with mission energy, and immediately get three energy. Completed requests reduces the time for one energy and gives a small boost. You can only ask for help once per hour. (originally six hours)

From v5.0, you can watch an advertisement to get nine energy, once every six hours.

Your maximum amount of Energy increases by 1 each Commander level, and upon leveling up, your Energy will be completely refilled.

Full Mission Energy Refills Edit

Energy Refill

You can also use Full Mission Energy Refills to replenish your Energy. Listed are ways you can obtain energy refills:

  • 40 Energon in the Store
  • Included in Spotlight Mission bundles and Mission Supply Cache bundles
  • Spotlight Mission Completion Alliance Quest
  • Raid Ascent Alliance Quest
  • Monthly Objective - Win 10 Solo Missions fights with the current Featured Bot

Alliance Mission Energy Edit


Energy in Alliance Missions is separate from normal Energy. You can only have a maximum of five, and it takes one hour to recharge each unit. Only some central nodes and nodes with Bots consume Alliance Energy; empty, cleared nodes do not.

Alliance Mission Energy Refill Edit

Alliance Mission Energy Refill

Introduced July 23, Alliance Mission Energy Refills give 1 energy when used. These items can be bought in the Store only during an Alliance Event and have a purchase limit of 5 per day, with scaling costs on each. The first will be 30 Energon, followed by 45, 60, 75, and finally 90 Energon.

From v6.1, Alliance Crystals can give Alliance Mission Energy Refills. Unclaimed refills expires in 4 days, but was extended to 14 days from v6.3.