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Forging is the process of powering up Bots or Modules by consuming lower-tiered Bots or Modules. This will raise the AttackHealth, and Class Power of the higher-tiered Bot. 

The higher the Tier, Rank, Level, and Signature Ability of the Bots and Mods put into the Forge, the greater the benefits they provide. Bots and Mods consumed in the Forge also payout class Ore-13 and Gold based on their aforementioned stats. Bonus items, mainly Bot Crystal Shards, can be given as well.

Bots will only be able to consume other Bots, as Mods will consume other Mods. Only 2-Star and above can be forged. 

The Class Power of your Bot and Module governs the strength of their Class Bonus. The higher your Class Power, the more your Attack increases and the more the enemy Attack decreases when you have a Class Advantage. For example, Scout Bots have Class Advantage over Tech Bots, which have a Class Advantage over Demolitions Bots, and so on.

Requirements Edit

To access the Forge, select “Bots” from the main menu to open your Bot inventory. Tap on any Bot for a list of actions that may be performed on that Bot. Select “Forge” to enter the Forge screen. Switch to the “Modules” tab to access Forging for Mods. You must own a minimum of 13 Bots or 8 Modules before Forging becomes available, and those Bots must be across more than one Tier.

Only Bots whose Tier is lower than the target Bot can be Forged. For example, a 4-Star Bot accepts 1~3-Star Bots, but a 2-Star Bot only accepts 1-Star Bots. The same applies to Modules. Bots that are the same Tier cannot be Forged. You cannot consume a 4-Star Bot in order to power-up another 4-Star Bot. The same applies to Modules.

Benefits Edit

You can unlock the maximum potential of your target Bot using the same Bot one tier below the target. This one-time only bonus will raise the max Forge Level from 75 to 100 of the target Bot permanently. The above bonuses also apply to Modules.

Why remove Bots from your Inventory? Edit

As you progress through the game, you acquire and upgrade many different Bots. Eventually, you may acquire Bots that are so powerful that you use them everywhere and leave your other weaker Bots behind. 

The Forge ensures the effort your put into those “weaker” Bots can be carried forward into your strongest Bots. In essence, Forging ensures Bots are never obsolete, even if you stop using them, because they can still serve the purpose of enhancing those at the top of your roster.

All forged points in a Bot will be carried over if that Bot is forged.

Statistics Edit

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Sharkticon ForgingEdit

Sharkticons, when forged, give Sharkticon Crystal Shards in greater amounts instead of regular Bot Crystal Shards. Note that you must forge Sharkticons into normal Bots, not other Sharkticons, to receive Sharkticon Crystal Shards.