Mortally wounded in the attack on Autobot City, Megatron was discovered by Unicron adrift in the vacuum of space. The Decepticon leader accepted the Chaos Bringer’s bargain and was reborn as Galvatron. Driven mad by dark energy, Galvatron is unpredictable and dangerous to all in his path, friend or foe alike.

Maximum StatsEdit

2 Star

  • Health: 1748
  • Attack: 165
  • Max Rating: 590

3 Star

  • Health: 4291
  • Attack: 347
  • Max Rating: 1352

4 Star

  • Health: 11153
  • Attack: 901
  • Max Rating: 3549

Game AbilitiesEdit

Basic Abilities Edit

  • Dark Energy
  • Dark Burn

Abilities Edit

Values in bold are current values, as of 8.0

Blocking at Ranged Distance

  • Galvatron gains a Dark Energy Charge every 0.1 0.065 seconds but quickly loses them while not Blocking.
  • If Galvatron reaches 30 Dark Energy Charges he will not lose the charges for 6 seconds, after which he will lose them all.
  • Each Dark Energy Charge increases the damage of Ranged Attacks by 1~5%.
  • +v5.1: +20% Block Proficiency

Heavy Attacks

  • 1% 1.7% chance for each Dark Energy Charge to inflict Dark Burn, instantly dealing 80~100% 100~140% 110-150% of Attack as Energy Damage.

Note: At 30 charges, the chance to trigger a Dark Burn is now 51%, up from the previous 30%. Critical Melee Attacks

  • +2% Critical Damage for each Dark Energy Charge.
  • +50% Critical Chance to the last hit of a Light or Medium Melee Combo.
Rank Dark Energy Charge Dark Burn
1 2% 2.7% 80% 100% 110%
2 2.5% 3.2% 85% 110% 120%
3 3% 3.9% 90% 120% 130%
4 3.5% 4.6% 95% 130% 140%
5 4% 5.3% 100% 140% 150%

Signature Ability Edit

Will of Unicron

While the enemy is at low Health, Galvatron has a chance to channel dark energy from Unicron himself.

  • When Fully Charged
    • Galvatron has 0.5% chance for each percentage of the opponent’s missing Health to become Unstoppable and gain 10~30% Power over 6 seconds.
  • +0.3% per level
Level Power
5 10.3%
10 11.6%
15 12.9%
20 14.3%
30 16.9%
35 18.2%
45 20.8%
50 22.2%
55 23.5%
60 24.8%
65 26.1%
80 30%
100 35.3%

Special Attacks Edit

1. Particle Acceleration - Galvatron uses his Particle Accelerator to leap forward and bash his opponent.

  • 1% 2% chance for each Dark Energy Charge to Stun the opponent for 2.5 seconds.

2. – Dark Energy Blast - Using vast stores of power, Galvatron fires a blast of super-charged particles.

  • 2% chance for each Dark Energy Charge to consume all charges and inflict Dark Burn, instantly dealing 80~100% 100~140% of Attack as Energy Damage.
  • (+v5.1: Energy Charges are locked for the duration of this Special Attack)

3. Galvagun Overcharge - Will Galvatron’s enemy withstand the attack? Here’s a hint: Go ask Starscream.

  • Galvatron channels 30 Dark Energy Charges.
  • 3.3% chance for each Dark Energy Charge to consume all charges and inflict Dark Burn, instantly dealing 80~100% 100~140% of Attack as Energy Damage.

Synergy Bonuses Edit



Charge max energy charges as much as possible. (making sure to sidestep ranged heavies then resume charging) Charge max charges then use Special 3 for a total of 60 charges. Heavy Attacks are your friend and a duplicated Galvatron will have uninturupted heavy attack. Dark Charges power ranged attacks and allow Dark Burns, increasing your ranged damage.


Galvatron is more likely to use special attacks when fully charged, so you may want to wait for him to charge up and bait out and dodge his specials then counterattack, unless Will of Unicron is active. If you don't want him to charge, interrupt him with heavy attacks.

Strong Match-upsEdit

  • Ultra Magnus - Galvatron alternates between Physical and Energy Damage types, making this Bot extremely hard for Ultra Magnus to adapt to.
  • Grimlock - Grimlock will not have time to purify Galvatron's Dark Burn, making it one of the few Damaging Debuffs that can bypass the king lizard's signature ability.
  • Cyclonus - Galvatron's armada won't be able to nullify his unstoppable with his Dark Fields.

Weak Match-upsEdit

  • Prowl - Keeping Galvatron’s power low is the best way to keep him from using his devastating Special Attacks.
  • Ratchet - Galvatron’s signature ability requires the opponent to be at low health, something Ratchet is adept at preventing.
  • Blaster - Decreasing ranged damage and healing from blocked ranged attacks will keep Blaster kicking Galvatron's tailpipe.

Recommended ModulesEdit

  • Strange Refractor - Galvatron must Block to channel Dark Energy; giving this dark Decepticon the ability to Stun opponents when Blocking, and greater block damage from his greater block proficiency creates a deadly combination.
  • Laser Guidance Module - The destructive potential of Galvatron's Ranged Attacks are unmatched by any other bot. Placing him on the Laser Guidance Module is a great way to stop raiders in their tracks.


  • Galvatron Crystal
  • The entire month of October offered many ways to obtain Galvatron Chips; Duplicate Bots, exploring Special Missions, exploring Alliance Missions, Galvatron's Bounty Arenas, Raids, the Daily Calendar, and Energon Bundles.
    • 3-Star Galvatron: 10,000 Galvatron Chips
    • 4-Star Galvatron: 100,000 Galvatron Chips

After the conclusion of Galvatron Rising, all remaining Galvatron Chips could be exchanged for either Premium Bot Crystal Shards or 4-Star Bot Crystal Shards for 6 days. (25 per Premium shard, 500 per 4-Star shard)

  • Bot Crystals (added 1/17/2018)


Trivia Edit

  • His design is based on the Generations Titans Return Galvatron toy.
  • Galvatron's Special 2 is bugged; If your Bot got successfully hit by Galvatron's first hit, you could still make your Bot sidestep his cannon blast. This was fixed in v4.1; but instead if your Bot blocks Galvatron's first hit, you can cancel his cannon blast by hitting him.

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