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Widely regarded as one of the most skilled military tacticians — perhaps with an ego the size of Cybertron — Grimlock is the self-proclaimed “King” of the Dinobots.


Max Stats


  • Health: 2204
  • Attack: 162
  • Max Rating: 536


  • Health: 5412
  • Attack: 344
  • Max Rating: 1308


  • Health: 14067
  • Attack: 893
  • Max Rating: 3533


Rank/Level Health Attack Rating Sig forge
1/1 7,560 480 1,441
1/10 11,924 757 2.408
2/20 15,531 986 3,132
3/30 20,690 1,313 4,242 22
4/40 26,894 1,707 5,790 15 22
5/50 34,151 2,167 8,563 99
6/60 39,256 2,490 10,320 99

Game Abilities


Basic Abilities

When Attacked:

  • 8~14% chance to increase Melee Damage by 9~14% for 5 seconds.

Heavy Attacks:

  • Renews the duration of his Melee Buffs (+8/20 and become Unstoppable) when Grimlock turns into a dinobot and Shrugs off the impact of enemy attacks when in the dinobot form.
  • 40~63% chance to inflict Burn, dealing Heat damage for 40~50% Attack over 2 seconds.
Rank Melee Buff


Burn chance/% Special 1 Burn Special 2 Melee Buff Special 3 Burn Special 3 Melee Buff
1 8% / 9.4% 41% / 40% 64.9% 11.8% 88.5% 17.6%
2 9% / 10.4% 45.9% / 42.5% 72% 13.1% 98.4% 19.6%
3 10% / 11.6% 51% / 45% 80% 14.5% 109% 21.8%
4 12% / 12.9% 56% / 50% 89.1% 16.2% 121% 24.3%
5 14% / 14.4% 63% / 55% 99% 18% 135% 27%
6 18% / 16% 70% / 60% 110% 20% 150% 30%

Signature Ability

Dino Rage

Grimlock Purifies Damaging Debuffs and has a chance to activate a Melee Buff for each Debuff Purified.

  • Passive: Grimlock purifies Damaging Debuffs after 1 second and has a 100% chance to activate a 8~30% Melee Buff for 5 seconds.
  • +0.2% per level
Level Melee buff
5 8.7%
10 11.6%
15 12.9%
45 19.7%
50 20.7%
55 21.7%
60 22.7%
70 24.6%
75 25.5%
100 30%

Special Attacks

Special 1 – Dino Force - An energo-sword combination attack.

  • 100% chance to inflict Burn, dealing Heat damage for 64~99% Attack over 4 seconds.
  • 100% chance to gain a 11.8% Melee Buff for 5 seconds.

Special 2 – Tremor - An intimidating ground slam sends a tremor through earth and enemy alike.

  • 100% chance to refresh the duration of all Melee Buffs.
  • 100% chance to increase Melee Damage by 11~18% for 5 seconds.

Special 3 – The King! - Me Grimlock no bozo. Me king!

  • Each hit has 100% chance to refresh the duration of all Melee Buffs.
  • 100% chance to increase Melee Damage by 17~27% for 5 seconds.
  • 100% chance to inflict Burn, dealing Heat damage for 88~135% Attack over 7 seconds.

Synergy Bonuses



Grimlock has one of the highest health ratings of any Bot, with melee buffs and instant purification (if Awakened), and a pretty powerful Burn. but otherwise a pretty simple tank with few needs for buffs.

Grimlock can gain Melee Buffs from his Dino Rage, being hit, and Special Attacks, so constantly use heavy attacks to renew and stack up the buffs. He is one of the few Bots who only need one level on his Signature to be effective.

Grimlock is the best bot in Raids. Bots with harm accelerators will give Grimlock a free melee buff at the start of the fight. He also makes a big joke out of Utility Modules that inflict damaging debuffs (such as Unstable Energon).



Avoid inflicting Damaging Debuffs. Bleed or Shocks will be unable to deal out their maximum damage and Grimlock has no weakness against any attacks. However, instant damage debuffs can bypass his Dino-Rage ability. Backfires inflicted by Barricade, Jazz and of course Scorponok will ignore the signature ability. Megatronus and Galvatron can inflict instant heat damage which will ignore his signature ability too.

Grimlock is immune to damage in Dino mode, which is during Heavies and Special Attacks. As such the technique of a Heavy Attack after the opponent finishes a special is ineffective unless it's launched late enough.

Also keep your dodging skills in check! An Al Grimlock loves to dash at opponents like Motomaster and will not stop attacking with his melee attacks until you are down. He really needs to learn how to stop trying to hit opponents while they are dodging continuously.

Bots that rely on inflicting damaging debuffs and has a low health rating will not fit well with the dino-rage signature ability. Those like Bonecrusher, Shockwave, Ironhide, Megatron (ROTF), Optimus Prime (M1), Ultra Magnus, Bumblebee (DOTM), Sideswipe and others will struggle with defeating Grimlock. Optimus Prime is also a weak choice because his signature ability will only fuel Grimlock’s rage despite being a brawler.

Rulers of Kaon

Grimlock might be the easiest fight in the entire mission. He remains unbuffed and serves as the intermission.

Strong Match-ups


  • Megatron (ROTF) - Megatron will find this bot formidable enough to be his worst nightmare.
  • Think Optimus Prime has the type advantage against the King? Think again. Bleeds will only fuel the Dinobot's rage.
  • Bonecrusher - Grimlock will quickly Purify Bleed abilities, putting ‘the master of bleeds’ at a serious disadvantage.
  • Shockwave - The decepticon scientist will find this fight to be most illogical fight.
  • Arcee - Constant Head Shots will fuel Grimlock's rage.
  • Drift - The samurai's deadly bleeds will be quickly patched up and be turned against him. Sometimes there is a fighting style with angry rage.
  • Optimus Prime (MV1) - Grimlock will easily turn Prime’s debuffs into buffs.
  • Wheeljack - Burns will breach the Force Shield and Shocks and (if he's on a Harm Accelerator) Bleeds will be easily Purified. Remember, the scientist made Grimlock, and sometimes, there is a time for revolution.
  • Ironhide - The master of burn’s powerful Burns will be Purified and He wouldn't be able to tear him apart so easily because of the high health rating the king has.
  • Himself - Grimlock can purify his own burns and get immune to his own attacks in dinobot mode.


  • Every Mod - There is no mod that Grimlock cannot overpower.
  • Harm Accelerator - Grimlock's main strength is the purification of Damaging Debuffs like Bleeds, this is best demonstrated on a Harm Accelerator.
  • Certain utility modules inflict damaging debuffs, Grimlock loves using damaging debuffs to his favor.
  • Unstable Energon - Grimlock doesn't have to successfully hit bots with Heavy Attacks and Unstable Energon will not be deactivated immediately.

Weak Match-ups


  • Ultra Magnus and Starscream can pacify the king Dino by Nullifying Grimlock’s Melee Buffs with their ranged attacks though Grimlock can purify the burns and turned them to melee buffs but they can be nullified in return.
  • Similarly, Cyclonus if he stay in melee range, can Nullify these buffs and Cyclonus has no damaging debuffs to purify and the damage won’t so devastating compared to having melee buffs.
  • Motormaster and Grimlock are 2 kings who love to dash at their opponents but Motormaster will always win when it comes to dash to dash collision and Motomaster inflicts debuffs that ignores the signature ability.
  • Hot Rod’s decelerations will outright ignore the signature ability leaving the King unable to purify one of Hot Rod’s most powerful tools despite the class type advantages.
  • Nemesis Prime is a surprise counter to the King. Though Grimlock can counter the autobot leader, his evil clone can counter the king by copying the melee buffs Grimlock gains and nullifying them with his heavy attacks.
  • Megatron can steal Grimlock’s melee buffs and use it against him and the only debuff that grimlock can purify is the shock debuff from his special lll. The only way Grimlock will crush him is when Megatron is not awakened yet. Otherwise he will be crushed by his own melee buffs.
  • Galvatron and Megatronus' ability to deal instant heat damage will outright ignore his signature ability and Megatronus’s relics of obedience, Preservation and Immortality can prevent him from dealing devastating damage.
  • Barricade, Jazz and Scorponok can stack Backfires which ignores the signature ability. Sometimes, a king can fall but remember to dodge the hits or be smashed.
  • Grimlock can purify his own burns and get immune to his own attacks in dinobot mode.
  • S-1000 Sharkticon can replicate the melee buffs.


  • No Mods - None of the mods will do anything to the king except make him stronger.

Recommended Modules

Me Grimlock protect base with these Mods!

  • Grimlock’s high health will pair perfectly with the Repair Module, allowing him to repair more health than other bots could hope to dish out.
  • The Exo-Filter will enable Grimlock to remain the king of the fight.
  • Superconductor 2000 - It is hard to avoid the high Melee damage done by this Special, this Module will make that even harder.
  • Transwarp Cell - The longer the Melee buffs, the more pounding the king can do.
  • Paralyzer - The king can’t control when he wants to stop attacking when his opponents try to dodge his attacks continuously. Paring this module on him will make him stun the opponent and leave them vulnerable to the king’s melee attacks and their power will be drained too and this is when the raiders will quickly find themselves in the scrap pile.


  • Grimlock's Daily Card - $1.99 early access for a 2-Star Grimlock, plus 4000 shards for 2 King Crystals over 14 days.
  • Grimlock Arenas
  • King Crystal
  • Grimlock Raid Event
  • Bot Crystals
  • November Daily Calendar



  • His design is based on the Masterpiece MP-08 Grimlock toy.
  • His Sepcial 1's description is " An energo-sword combination attack.", but does not actually use his sword.


  • Initally, Grimlock's opponent intro animation had him in robot mode.
  • 2019 8.0 update:
    • The Purify from his Signature Ability activates after 1 second, down from 1.5 seconds.
  • 2020 8.2 update [3]
    • Improved Signature curve, Goes from 8.7% to 30%.
    • 100% chance to gain a Melee Buff for 5 seconds when performing SP1.
    • Become Unstoppable (in addition to already being Invulnerable) when in dinobot form.
  • Old Signature levels at 8~20%
Level Melee Buff
5 9.6%
9 10.3%
10 10.5%
15 11.3%
20 12%
25 12.7%
30 13.3%
35 13.5%
40 14.5%
45 15%
50 15.5%
100 20%

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