Although he's a brawling, close-combat specialist, Grindor lets his missiles do the talking in his helicopter alt mode. Note that he tends to get angry when reminded about the time when Optimus Prime 'probed' his optic sensor.

Maximum StatsEdit


  • Health:
  • Attack:
  • Max Rating:


  • Health: 1983
  • Attack: 174
  • Max Rating: 537 (sig 100, forge level 8)


  • Health:
  • Attack:
  • Max Rating:


  • Health:
  • Attack:
  • Max Rating:


  • Health:
  • Attack:
  • Max Rating:

Game AbilitiesEdit

Basic AbilitiesEdit

  • Armor Buff
  • Critical Rate Debuff


  • When Attacked:
    • 8% chance to gain an Armor Buff, reducing damage from attacks by 16-41% for 6 seconds.
    • 11% chance to inflict a Crit Rate Debuff for 6-8 seconds, lowering the opponent's Critical Hit Rate by 16-40%.
  • Passive:
    • Decreases the opponent's Block Proficiency against Melee Attacks by 15% per active Crit Rate Debuff.
    • This bot’s naturally tough Cybertronian exterior provides a permanent 17% passive Armor Buff. (revealed in v5.1)
  • Missile Critical Hit: Inflicts Burn, dealing Heat damage for 80% Attack over 6 seconds.
Rank Armor Buff Crit Rate Debuff
1 16% 16%
2 21% 22%/6 sec
3 27% 30%/6 sec
4 33% 30%/8 sec
5 41% 40%

Signature AbilityEdit


All Attacks: Being a close-combat specialist, Grindor is able to use the opponent's stored Power to his advantage, increasing Melee Damage by up to 65~98.3%.

+ about 0.4% per level.

Level Melee Damage
5 62.8%
10 65.2%
20 69.4%
25 71.5%
30 73.4%
35 75.4%
50 81%
70 88.1%
85 93.3%
90 94.9%
100 98.3%

Special AttacksEdit

  1. Physical Therapy - Memories of war trigger a physical outburst at the opponent's expense.
    • Inflicts a -16~40% Crit Rate Debuff for 6-8 seconds.
  2. Rotor Rage - Spinning blades chop the edges off opponents to improve their aerodynamics.
    • Up to +40% Damage based on the opponent's stored Power.
  3. Skydive - Grindor guides the opponent through a high-altitude adventure with gravity as his co-pilot.
    • +50% Critical Rate for Missile Hits.

Synergy BonusesEdit

  • Synergy-outgoing Allies - Bonecrusher - +1~2~3~8% Armor.
  • Synergy-outgoing Enemies - Optimus Prime (MV1) - +1~2~3~8% Attack Rating.
  • Synergy-incomingSynergy-outgoing Outlaws - Barricade - 100% chance to inflict Power Lock for 3~6~12 seconds when hitting with the first Heavy Attack.
  • Forged to Serve - Megatron (ROTF) - Megatron has a 50~65~100% chance to start the fight Unstoppable. Grindor recieves +2~3~8% Armor.
  • Synergy-outgoing Leadership (5-Star) - +10% Armor Rating.



Grindor is a basic Brawler bot who will deal more damage the more Power the enemy has (if duped). Due to his high health, he can be used in very long fights. However, he can't gain Melee buffs.


Grindor's tough armor along with Critical Rate Debuffs makes it hard to take down high-leveled Grindors. Careful evading and endurance should help in defeating him though. Grindor uses his Melee Special 1 often, so dash back from his predictable Special Attacks, then quickly counterattack.

He is a very tanky bot health-wise in the game (in a way), so instant energy attacks will be your friend.

Strong Match-upsEdit

  • Hot Rod generates a lot more Power because of his signature ability. Grindor gets stronger the more Power the opponent gets, enabling him to deal a lot of damage.
  • Arcee will be prone to Grindor's Perforation and Crit Rate Debuffs.

Weak Match-upsEdit

  • Anyone who Armor Breaks and Armor Pierces.
  • Galvatron, Megatronus and Megatron (ROTF) deal pretty strong energy damage, which will ignore Grindor's tough armor.
  • Dinobot’s particular skillset make him adept at cutting through the armor of this thick-skinned helicopter.
  • Megatron will ensure Grindor never toughens up.

Recommended ModulesEdit


  • Bot Crystals
  • Grindor Arenas
  • Perforated Crystal
  • Cinematic Crystals


Trivia Edit

  • His vehicle mode is a modified Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion Helicopter.

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