Harm Accelerator New
The Harm Accelerator is an Attack Mod that Bleeds the opponent for an entire minute.


A module that doesn't fool around. Drop this mod on a node and watch your opponent take a trip to destination pain.

Max StatsEdit


Basic Abilities Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Special Attacks: Add an additional stack of Bleed.
  • Passive: 100% chance to Bleed, dealing 480~% Attack over 60 seconds.
Rank Bleed
1 480%
2 600%
3 732%
4 924%

Signature AbilityEdit

Harm Acceleration

Passive: Harmful Acid, Shock, Burn and Bleed effects are accelerated to deal more damage.

Level Damage
5 21.1%
10 28%
15 34%
20 39.3%


Defense Edit

A preferred pairing used by many Commanders is with defenders with high health, notably Grindors and Motormasters. If the Mod's signature ability is unlocked, using it with Bots that deal damage debuffs often is recommended.

Another strategy is to give players an ultimatum. For example, pairing a tech class with a harm accelerator brings players to choose between type advantages or potentially losing a bot early on. A good example is a duplicated Wheeljack with his near impenetrable force shields.

Raids Edit

When raiding, the best Bot to use against defenders with Harm Accelerators is Grimlock with his Purify signature ability. He'll quickly neutralize the Bleed debuff that would normally eat away significant amounts of health.

Optimus Prime (MV1) can counter the Bleed by healing from attacking. With Optimus Primal and two other Beast Wars bots, the Beast Purification Synergy will let bots other than Brawlers purify the Bleed.

Thundercracker can purify normal Bleeds using Heavy Attacks, but it isn't known if he can purify the Bleeds from Harm Accelerators.

  • Tantrum - No holding back. It's best to keep charging into the opponent to build frenzies and melee buffs. No more bleeding the bull.
  • Optimus Primal - Repairing health and powering his Special One? Yes sir!
  • Grimlock - More melee buffs to crush your enemies
  • Optimus Prime (MV1) - Like Primal, his health and specials are powered up. Use them to your advantage.
  • Thundercracker