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Autobot Hound has a mean bark and a nastier bite. This brave warrior will back his teammates no matter how grim the struggle. Armed with enough weaponry for a small army and quick to improvise, this Autobot is able to hold his own in any situation.

Story Edit

No Bot Left Behind

Max StatsEdit

  • 2-Star:
    • Health: 1854
    • Attack: 149
    • Max Rating: 547
  • 3-Star:
    • Health: 4553
    • Attack: 318
    • Max Rating: 1308
  • 4-Star:
    • Health: 11839
    • Attack: 827
    • Max Rating: 3484

Game AbilitiesEdit

Basic AbilitiesEdit

  • Inferno Ammo
  • Precision Ammo


  • Ammo Types:
    • Holding Block at Ranged Distance for .9 seconds will Swap Autobot Hound’s Ammo Types.
    • Inferno Ammo grants Critical Ranged Hits a 100% chance to inflict Burn, dealing 40~60% of Attack as Heat damage over 8~10 seconds.
    • Precision Ammo grants Ranged Attacks a 30~50% increased Critical Rate and cannot be Evaded (and is not affected by abilities that would cause Ranged Attacks to Miss.)
  • Ranged Attacks: Critical Hits on Burning opponents have +50% Critical Damage.
  • Heavy Attacks:
    • 100% Chance to gain an Armor Buff, reducing damage from attacks by 10% for 6 seconds.
    • 50% Chance to inflict a Critical Resistance Debuff, increasing the chance for Critical Hits against opponents by 20% for 6 seconds.

Inferno Ammo Burn

Precision Ammo Critical Rate Special 1 Burn
1 20% 30% 60%
2 25% 35% 65%
3 30% 40% 70%
4 35% 45% 75%
5 40% 50% 80%

Signature AbilityEdit

Warrior Ballerina

In the heat of a firefight this robust robot uses his surprising agility to maneuver and exploit the enemy's weak points.

  • Sidestepping Ranged Attacks:
    • When Autobot Hound rolls to avoid a Ranged Attack he gains a 40~200% Ranged Bonus for 3 seconds.
    • +1.7% per level
Level Ranged Bonus
5 40%
6 41.7%
7 43.4%
8 45.1%
9 46.8%
10 48.4%
15 56.9%
20 65.3%
25 73.7%
30 82.1%
35 90.5%
40 99%
45 107.4%
50 115.8%
55 124.2%
60 132.6%
100 200%

Special AttacksEdit

  1. Rolling Thunder - Big boy coming through!
    • While Precision Ammo is equipped the last hit has a 100% Chance to inflict 100% Critical Rate Down for 20 seconds.
    • While Inferno Ammo is equipped this the last hit has a 100% chance to inflict Burn, dealing 60~80% of Attack over 15 seconds.
  2. Safeties Off - Nothing makes holes quite like a naval rotary cannon.
    • 50% chance per hit to Bleed, dealing 40% of Attack over 5 seconds.
  3. Full Autobot - You’re not out of time until you’re out of ammo!
    • 100% Chance to gain an Armor Buff, reducing damage from attacks by 10% for 30 seconds.
    • Autobot Hound has a 100% chance to inflict a Critical Resistance Debuff, increasing the chance for Critical Hits against opponents by 40% for 28 seconds and proceeds to fire every gun in his inventory.

Synergy BonusesEdit

  • Synergy-incomingSynergy-outgoing EnemiesBarricade - +2~3~8% Attack Rating.
  • Synergy-incomingSynergy-outgoing SharpshootersMirage, Arcee - +5~10~20% Crit Rate on Ranged Attacks.
  • Synergy-incomingSynergy-outgoing Weapon SpecialistsMixmaster, Ironhide, Rhinox - +3~4~9% duration for all Damaging Debuffs. +2~4~8% Attack Rating in Alliance Missions.
  • Synergy-outgoing Medic SupportOptimus Prime (MV1), Drift - 1.3~2.5~7% of base Health Repaired at the start of the fight. +3~4~5% extra Repair in Raids.
  • Synergy-incoming Allies – Optimus Prime MV1, Drift - +2~3~8% Armor.


Hound may not have the strongest basic and Special Attacks, and his Burns are longer than stronger, but his Precision Ammo mode is useful in specific situations. Enemies can't Evade ranged attacks. Hound's Precision Special 1 is useful for disabling an opponent's Critical Rate, which is useful against Expert/Master Solo Mission Bots with deadly Critical Rate and Critical Damage mods.

In addition, Hound himself can deal frequent ranged Critical hits by increasing his Critical Rate and decreasing his opponent's Critical Resistance.

Strong Match-UpsEdit

  • Barricade – Autobot Hound’s Precision Ammo rarely misses, making Autobot Hound the premier choice to dismantle this Barricade’s powerful Evasion Buff.
  • Mirage, Windblade – Their Heavy Attacks are notorious for being untouchable to Ranged Attacks, but that trick stops at Autobot Hound. Precision Ammo is not affected by abilities that would cause Ranged Attacks to Miss.
  • Kickback
  • Cheetor - The Maximal scout won't be able to make use of his evade buffs.

Weak Match-UpsEdit

  • Optimus Primal – Primal will completely resist Autobot Hound’s Powerful Critical Hits.
  • Soundwave – Soundwave has the ability to reflect Autobot Hound’s powerful Signature Ability right back into his bearded face.

Recommended ModulesEdit

  • E.M.I. Module – The E.M.I. Module will punish any gunslingers who attempt to outshoot this warrior.
    • Raids: His Precision Ammo would not be affected by opponent E.M.I Modules.
  • Laser Guidance Module – This module will combine with Autobot Hound’s Signature Ability to punch holes through even the toughest opponent.
  • Superconductor 2000 - It is quite hard to completely dodge Hound's Gatling gun bullets and grenade.


  • Big Boy Crystal
  • February 2018 Bot Chips
  • Bot Crystals (added 5/24/2018)
    • Premium Bot Crystal (Shard Crystals)
    • 3-Star Bot Crystal
    • 4-Star Bot Crystal
    • 5-Star Bot Crystal


Trivia Edit

  • His vehicle mode is based on a Customised Mercedes Unimog Tactical Vehicle, but the logo is removed to avoid licensing issues.

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  • Bot Intel Report[1]