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All Hail Megatron! That pretty much sums up the Decepticon leader’s ambition, and his minions’ fear-induced feelings. Pity those that stand in the way of his eternal struggle against his sworn enemy Optimus Prime.


Maximum Stats


  • Health: 1924
  • Attack: 146
  • Max Rating: 555


  • Health: 4725
  • Attack: 306
  • Max Rating: 1312


  • Health: 12281
  • Attack: 794
  • Max Rating: 3543


Rank/Level Health Attack Rating
1/1 6,600 427 1,451
1/10 10,410 673 2,285
2/20 13,559 876 2,976
4/40 (forge 20) 23,423 1,513 5,639

Game Abilities

Basic Abilities


  • Passive:
    • This bot’s naturally tough Cybertronian exterior provides a permanent 10% passive Armor Buff.
  • When Health drops below 80/60/40%:
    • Megatron becomes Unstoppable for 2.7 ~ 4 seconds.
    • If Megatron misses a Heavy Attack while Unstoppable he has a 100% chance to increase Attack by 40% for 10 seconds.
  • All Attacks
    • Megatron inflicts an Impair Charge. Impair Charges power-up Megatron’s Tank Cannon, used during Heavy Attacks and Special Attack 3.
  • On Heavy Attacks
    • Megatron gains +5% Critical Chance for each Impair Charge on the opponent. If Megatron scores a Critical Hit, he consumes those charges and inflicts 2% Critical Damage per stack consumed.
Rank Unstoppable Ranged Buff
1 2.7 seconds 26.5%
2 2.9 seconds 29.5%
3 3.3 seconds 32.8%
4 3.7 seconds 36.4%
5 4 seconds 40%
6 4.5 seconds 45%

Signature Ability

All Hail Megaton!

Megatron always comes back. Regenerates Health when almost dead.

  • Passive: Megatron always comes back. When Health drops below 10%, Megatron Repairs 10~30% of his base Health over 3 seconds.
  • +about 0.15% per level.
Level Repair
5 15.8%
10 16.5%
15 17.3%
20 18%
25 18.8%
30 19.6%
35 20.3%
50 22.6%
55 23.4%
60 24.1%
65 24.9%
90 28.7%
95 29.4%
100 30.2%

Special Attacks

  1. Overpower - Opponents are relegated to insignificant underlings.
    • Inflicts 10 Impair Charges.
  2. Peace and Tyranny - Unification through subjugation.
    • Increases Ranged Attack Damage by 26~40% for 6 seconds.
  3. Dark Absolution - Bow to his might and live. Oppose him and meet your end.
    • Inflicts 20 Impair Charges.
    • Megatron gains +5% Critical Chance for each Impair Charge on the opponent. If Megatron scores a Critical Hit, he consumes those charges and inflicts 2% Critical Damage per stack consumed.

Synergy Bonuses

  • Synergy-incoming.jpgSynergy-outgoing.jpg EnemiesOptimus Prime (MV1), Bumblebee (DOTM) - 2~3~8% Attack Rating.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Forged to LeadGrindor, Bonecrusher, Barricade - Megatron’s minions each provide him with a unique ability. In return Megatron provides 2~3~8% Armor to each bot.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Forged to ServeGrindor - Megatron has a 50~65~100% chance to begin the fight Unstoppable.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Forged to Serve – Bonecrusher - Megatron gains a 20~40~80% chance to Stun an enemy when they reach 20 Impair Charges.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Forged to ServeBarricade - Megatron has a 25~50~100% chance to inflict 2 Impair Charges per hit.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Leadership (5-Star) - Acting as a beacon of Leadership, all lower tiers teammate gain +10% Special Damage. 
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg The Fallen - Megatronus - All Decepticons on your team gain +2~3~5% Armor while fighting Decepticons and +5~12~20% Power Rate while fighting Autobots. 



Megatron uses his Impair Charge ability to power up his Heavy Attack and SP3. Inflict as many successful hits as you can so you can use the Charges on SP3 (the maximum amount of Impair Charges is 99) While Unstoppable, you can either fire Heavy Attacks to get an attack buff and/or heavily damage the opponent or inflict 10 total Impair Charges with two consecutive Melee combos.

However, Megatron's weakness is his reliance on Critical Hits, the fact he has few buffs and he can activate on his own and no debuffs. In addition to this, he is one of the bots who have the most weaknesses in the game. Bots with high attack rating especially those who has buffs that applies to their attacks and strong critical hits, Damaging Debuffs and Anti-Armor abilities which most bots have will easily bypass Megatron’s tough armor and the repair block will not allow Megatron to repair when he is below 10% health and if a single hit deals enough damage from 11%< to 0% nobody will hail him again.



Megatron will fire off heavy attacks while he is Unstoppable, so be sure to step back and sidestep them. Avoid getting too many Impair Charges by blocking and dodging his melee Special 1 and ranged Special 2.

As mentioned above, Bots with high attack rating especially those who has buffs that applies their damage and strong critical hits, Damaging Debuffs and Anti-Armor abilities will ignore Megatron’s tough armor so most bots are recommended to be used against him. Bots who also repair blocks are also recommended to use against him as the repair block will block Megatron from coming back at the end of the fight and if he is inflicted with repair block, nobody will ever hail Megatron again.

Rulers of Kaon

Out of all the Bots in the mission, Megatron, the final boss, is the misnomer. Unawakened and with a Resistance Shift mod, he plays like any other Megatron you'd face. Damaging debuffs are your friend, and try not to get hit.

Strong Match-ups

  • No Bots - There is no bot that Megatron can overpower.
  • Brawlers - Megatron is one of the few bots who doesn’t inflict debuffs which will hamper their ability to purify any of them.
  • Optimus Prime - the massive critical damage from the impair charges will take the mighty Prime down. However, he is able to Armor Break and Bleed him.
  • Drift - Drift depends on keeping his Combo Meter high, a feat that will be difficult when Megatron becomes Unstoppable throughout the match. But Drift has abilities that can bypass Megatron’s tough armor.
  • Ultra Magnus - Megatron is able to inflict Impair Charges on the opponent with both Physical and Energy attacks allowing him to easily play around his Resistance Buffs. But Burns and Armor Break will ignore his Armor.
  • Thundercracker - Megatron’s impair charges are not debuffs and he will blast through thundercracker like he’s nothing. Unfortunately, he is weak to Thundercracker's Special 3 Shocks.

Weak Match-ups

  • All Bots - Many bots can easily be bypass Megatron’s exterior armor like inflicting damaging debuffs and some bots even have anti-armor abilities and a high attack rating especially those with strong critical hits and buffs that applies to their attacks. Poor the king.
  • Mirage - Mirage is able to avoid Megatron’s punishing Ranged Attacks while in Race Car form and avoid his Special Attacks by keeping the king of the demolition’s power low.
  • Windblade - Windblade is able to deftly slice through Megatron’s powerful defenses with her Armor Piercing and Bleed inducing attacks.
  • Cyclonus - Galvatron’s armada too can pierce through Megatron with Special 1. Cyclonus can also stun Megatron with his Dark Fields if he dashes at Cyclonus while enraged despite the class type advantage.
  • Starscream - the coward’s ranged attacks will prevent Megatron from being enraged and not allow megatron to have a comeback despite the class advantage. All hail Starscream!
  • Optimus Primal - Optimus's critical armor will prevent Megatron from dealing massive damage.
  • Wheeljack - Wheeljack's Force Shield will prevent all damage done to him from Megatron's critical hits since the impair charges doesn’t bypass anything (except Armor) including the force shield.
  • Blaster - He drops the tunes which slow down Megatron's powered up Ranged Attacks and his specials 2 and 3 will ignore Megatron’s tough cybertronian armor inflicting extra damage making this noisy bot a great counter to the decepticon leader.
  • Shockwave, Cheetor, Jetfire - The Repair Block Trio can do what they do best, and by doing so nobody will hail Megatron again and they can also bypass Megatron's powerful Armor.
  • Kickback - Megatron has a tendency to fire Heavies while Unstoppable, a T-Clog only stuns him if he tries it while unstoppable.
  • Grimlock - Though there are no damage debuffs to purify, Megatron will find this bot to be his worst nightmare as the impair charges and his exterior armor will be bypassed.
  • Megatronus, Ironhide and Galvatron - These 3 demolitions has abilities that can bypass Megatron’s tough armor and If Megatron thinks he can have a comeback and be enraged Megatronus’s relic of obedience and Ironhide’s signature ability will put a stop to that to ensure that nobody will ever hail Megatron again and become unstoppable while enraged. The king of the demolitions has been dethroned.


  • Mods which adds additional damage to the bots will easily take the Demolition King down.
  • Culls from the Nightbird's Mark will not let Megatron Repair and come back and the stronger the critical hits, the faster Megatron falls.
  • Keep Megatron away from the Harm Accelerator at all costs. Bleed will ignore Megatron’s tough armor.

Recommended Modules

  • The Exo-Filter will remove Megatron’s weakness to Damaging Debuffs and make him almost completely Unstoppable.
  • The Transwarp Cell will encourage Megatron to use his powerful Heavy Attacks other than his enraged periods and provide a potent way to lock down the opponent’s Power flow.
  • The Laser Guidance Module will make his tank blasts and Special 2 all the more terrifying.
  • The Nightbird’s Mark will increase Megatron’s critical damage inflicted by his impair charges.
  • The Tech Console boosts his one-time Repair and brings back Megatron stronger.


  • Megatron Arenas
  • Enraged Crystal
  • Megatron/Enraged Raid Event
  • Bot Crystals


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