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Megatronus: 13? Is that you?

Optimus Prime: I am Optimus Prime. I am not a number. Megatronus: You cannot escape your past.

– Megatronus to Optimus Prime, Emergence

Megatronus is a powerful Boss-level Demolitions bot who may choose to go class-less. By doing so, he becomes even more powerful.



Megatronus' arrival into New Quintessa was part of an elaborate plan by Generations Megatron to gather the power of the Primes, spanning multiple Spotlight Missions.

Megatronus' main story arc is the Decepticon Titan Story Arc.


After having Shockwave taking possession of the Forge of Solus Prime, Megatron sets up a quest to gather the power of the Primes. During Jazz, Tantrum and Wheeljack's arrivals, Megatron sets up an excavation site to secure pod from which he believes bears another ancient Relic. However, further research by Soundwave demonstrates a living Bot is inside.

At full power

Now at full power again, and with his Relics gathered in his Tomb, Megatronus came to Cyclonus, who needed help with defeating Optimus Prime. The god told Cyclonus that he needed to bide his time before he could face the Autobot leader.

Later, Megatronus contacts Optimus, calling him "13". However, Optimus tells the god he is not a number. Megatronus tells the Autobot leader that he cannot escape his path. Optimus and the Commander manage to successfully subdue Megatronus.

He would later unleash a wave of corruptive energies over New Quintessa and captures Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and Megatron. The pulse ends-up picking a Squad of Autobots composed of Ratchet, Jazz, Arcee and Prowl, leaving only Arcee in full sentience after corrupting and driving her teammates mad.

After freeing Optimus and Ultra Magnus, Arcee stands up to Megatronus with the help of the Commander. At the end of the struggling showdown, the Commander, Optimus, Ultra Magnus and Arcee are able to lock Megatronus once again inside his Tomb of Relics, hoping it would be enough to contain the Fallen God's power for now.

However, Megatronus would later escape the Tomb, and afterwards awakened a Decepticon Titan. He is joined by Megatron, Cyclonus, Megatron (ROTF), and Galvatron as they threaten the Commander. However, the Commander manages to defeat Megatronus.

The Titan that Megatronus awakened would send New Quintessa into a time storm, which would open up the gates to a "ReForged" portal.

Prior to this Spotlight, Megatronus apparently spoke to the Titan he awoken and learned some "secrets". He is also the main cause of the temporary cloaking across New Quintessa.

While not directly interfering with New Quintessa, Megatronus is the final boss of Map 3.

Max Stats

Note: Base Health was lowered by 4% and base Attack was lowered by 2% in version 8.0. Stats listed are before the re-balance.

  • 2-Star:
    • Health: 1,977
    • Attack: 156
    • Max Rating: 494
  • 3-Star:
    • Health: 4,940
    • Attack: 341
    • Max Rating: 1,443
  • 4-Star:
    • Health: 12,839
    • Attack: 884
    • Max Rating: 3,948
  • 5-Star:
    • Health: 31,170
    • Attack: 2,147
    • Max Rating: 7,995
Rank/Level Health Attack Rating
1/1 6,780 458 1,498
1/10 10,694 722 2,357
2/20 13,929 940 3,130
3/30 18,120 1,223 4,363
4/40 23,552 1,589 5,882

Game Abilities

Basic Abilities

  • Relic of Fury - Significantly increases Attack Rating and reduces enemy Block Proficiency.
  • Relic of Preservation - Increases Damage Resistance and limits the amount of damage that can be done to this Bot in a single blow.
  • Power Steal - Instantly Steals Power from the opponent and transfers it to this bot.
  • Life Steal - Instantly Steals Health from the opponent and transfers it to this bot.


  • Passive:
    • Now in possession of powerful Relics, Megatronus does not generate Power as normal, he instead generates 1.2% of Max Power every second.
    • Megatronus begins the fight with the Relic of Fury active, each time he gains a Bar of Power he alternates between the Relic of Fury and the Relic of Preservation.
  • Relic of Fury
    • The Relic of Fury grants 30~50% Attack Rating and reduces the opponent's Block Proficiency by 20%
  • Relic of Preservation
    • The Relic of Preservation grants 40~50% Damage Resistance and limits the amount of damage Megatronus can receive in a single blow to 10% of his Max Health.
  • Relic of Immortality
    • Once per fight, When Megatronus hits 10% of his health he activates the Matrix of Immortality in addition to his other Relics for 8 seconds. While the Relic is active Megatronus is Indestructible and immune to all damage.
  • Last Hit of a Light or Medium Combo
    • +40% Critical Chance.
  • Heavy Attacks
    • 100% chance to apply Dark Burn, dealing 40% of Attack as instant Energy damage.
Level Fury Preservation Power Steal Life Steal SP3 Power/Life Steal chance
1 30% 40% 20% 6% 50%
2 35% 42% 22% 8% 54%
3 40% 45% 25% 10% 58%
4 45% 48% 28% 12% 62%
5 50% 50% 30% 15% 64%
6 60% 60% 35% 17.5% 66%

Boss Abilities

As a boss, Megatronus has no class and has these stronger and additional abilities:

  • Passive:
    • Now in possession of powerful Relics, Megatronus does not generate Power as normal, he instead generates 1.5% of Max Power every second.
  • Relic of Fury
    • Megatronus begins the fight with the Relic of Fury active, granting ~50(rank 3) ~% Attack Rating and reduces the opponent's Block Proficiency by 20%
    • If the Relic of Fury is active, Special Attack 1 and 3 have 100% chance to Steal 30% of the opponent's Current Power.
  • Relic of Preservation
    • At 80% Health Megatronus activates the Relic of Preservation, granting Damage Resistance and limiting the amount of damage Megatronus can receive in a single blow to 20% of his Max Health. Addtionally, it grants him 100% Block Proficiency.
    • Blocked Attacks grants either a Ranged or Melee Buff, increasing either by 5% for 6 seconds. If Megatronus' Block is ever broken by a Heavy Attack while these buffs are active, the Relic will instead replace Megatronus' buffs with debuffs.
    • If the Relic of Preservation is active during Special Attack 2 or 3, 100% chance to Steal Life from the opponent equal to 10% of Max Health.
  • Relic of Chaos
    • At 60% Health Megatronus activates the Relic of Chaos, which radiates intense heat. Being close to Megatronus for longer than 1 second inflicts a Burn Debuff on opponents, causing Heat Damage for 30% Attack every second. Moving away will extinguish this Burn.
    • If the Relic of Chaos is active during Special Attack 2 or 3, 100% chance to inflict Burn, dealing Heat Damage for 25% Attack over 6 seconds.
  • Relic of War
    • At 30% Health Megatronus activates the Relic of War, granting his dashes a 100% chance to activate an Unstoppable Buff for 4 seconds. The Unstoppable Buff refreshes if he lands a medium attack while it's active.
    • For every 5 hits Megatronus gains on the Combo Meter, he also gains an Attack Buff that raises his Attack by ~9~%
    • For every 4 hits on the opponent's Combo Meter, Megatronus loses an Attack Buff. When an opponent reaches 16 hits on their Combo Meter, Megatronus becomes Power Locked.
    • If the Relic of War is active during a Heavy Attack, Megatronus purifies all Debuffs.
  • Relic of Immortality
    • Once per fight when Megatronus has dropped to 5% health or lower, he activates the Relic of Immortality for 12 seconds. While the Relic is active Megatronus is Indestructible and immune to all damage. This ability will not activate if Megatronus begins the fight with less than 5% Health.

Signature Ability

Relic of Obedience - The Relic of Obedience weakens enemy abilities and may completely prevent them from activating.

When Filling a Power Bar:

  • When Megatronus gains a Bar of Power, he has a 12.9~65% chance to activate the Relic of Obedience, preventing opponents from activating Buffs or Debuffs for 8 seconds. Additionally, when the Relic is not active, Buffs and Debuffs the opponent activates are 20% weaker.
Level Chance Level Chance
5 15% 10 17.7%
15 20.2% 20 22.9%
25 25.5% 30 28.2%
35 30.9% 40 33.5%
45 36.2% 50 39%
55 41.5% 60 43.9%
65 46.6% 70 49.2%
75 51.8% 80 54.5%
85 57.1% 90 59.7%
95 62.4% 100 65%

Special Attacks

  1. Grip of Power - Infinite power to fuel infinite wrath.
    • 60% chance to Armor Break, removing opponent's Armor and applying 30% Armor reduction for 8 seconds.
    • If Relic of Fury is active, 100% chance to Steal 20~30% of the opponent's Current Power.
  2. Beyond Measure - All fall before his might.
    • The last hit of this attack is Unblockable and has a 30% chance to Stun the opponent for 2.5 seconds.
    • If Relic of Preservation is active, 100% chance to Steal Life from the opponent equal to 5~15% of Max Health.
  3. Truly Prime - Your final days are at hand.
    • 100% chance to apply Dark Burn, dealing 200% of Attack as instant Energy damage.
    • If the Relic of Fury is active, 52~64% chance to Steal 20~30% of the opponent's Current Power.
    • If the Relic of Preservation is active, 52-64% chance to Steal Life from the opponent equal to 5~15% of Max Health.

Synergy Bonuses

  • Synergy-incoming.jpgSynergy-outgoing.jpg Allies - Cyclonus, Galvatron - 2~3~8% Armor.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpgSynergy-outgoing.jpg Enemies - Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime (MV1) - 2~3~8% Attack Rating.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg The Fallen - Megatron, Megatron (ROTF) - All Decepticons on your team gain +2~3~5% Armor while fighting Decepticons and +5~12~20% Power Rate while fighting Autobots.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Leadership (5-Star) - Acting as a beacon of leadership for the team, all lower teammates gain +10% Special Damage.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Aspiration - Necrotronus - Start the fight with 5~6~8 Titan Charges.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Power Consumed - Nectrotronus - 2~3~4% Crit chance when Megatronus has more Power than the opponent.



Megatronus is an extremely powerful bot who is ruthless and unchallenging, as should be his playstyle. Melee and ranged attacks deal very good damage so utilize them. Dark burns deal more damage through heavy attacks. However, his best damage lies in his special attacks.

One disadvantage Megatronus has is that his passive power gain and situational power steals are his only ways of getting power that is greater than his passive generation; he cannot gain power from hitting and being hit. As such, mods or abilities that constantly drain power are his greatest weakness.

His other weakness is his Relic of Immortality only activates when 10% is reached; If a single hit deals enough damage from 11%< to 0% it is over and finished.

Specific Relic Effects and their Effects on Special Attacks

To use Megatronus effectively, you must switch his relics strategically. This section covers how to activate a specific relic effect on Special Attacks (excluding Immortality). First, let's look at when the relics activate and their effects.

  • Relic of Preservation: Filling first and third Power Bar; Life Steal on Special II and III
  • Relic of Fury: Start, filling second Power Bar; Power Steal on Special I and III

The order that the relics switch:

Fury (starting relic) -> Preservation (1st bar) -> Fury (2nd bar) -> Preservation (3rd bar)

If you have used a Special Attack and mixed up Relic switching:

Preservation (starting relic) -> Fury (1st bar) -> Preservation (2nd bar) -> Fury (3rd bar)

It takes 15 seconds to fill one Power Bar, up to 45 seconds for all three; this doubles on a Robot Resource.

To activate:

  • Power Steal on Special I - Use Special I while the Relic of Preservation is active. By the time your first Power Bar is filled, the Relic of Fury is active and Special I can steal Power. This is recommended if the opponent has very strong Special Attacks, but this method is slower compared to Prowl's Special I.
  • Life Steal on Special II - Use Special I while the Relic of Preservation is active, then wait until your second Power Bar is filled. By the time your second Power Bar is filled, the Relic of Preservation is active and Special II can steal Health. This is recommended if you're in a tight spot and have low health, or if the opponent has a lot of Health (eg. Grindor or health boost mods). A life steal can also speed up battles exponentially.

What must matter on both Special Attacks is that THE FIRST HIT MUST CONNECT to activate the effect. If it doesn't, the effect won't activate.

What comes out of your Special III is up to you. The first hit of that Special can either Steal Power or Life (though it is less reliable compared to his first two Specials), but either way, is intended for raw power.


Megatronus has an Improved Aim Enhancer mod in Expert and Master Spotlight Missions, and as the final boss in Alliance Missions, so Blocking will be useless. Keep your dodging skills in check. Frequent dodgers like Sideswipe and Barricade will be useful, though risky in the long run as they have lower health than the average Bot.

However, there are also bots to counter his Relic of Immortality. Ramjet and his large number of special buffs will enable him to keep fighting, but like Wheeljack's Force Shield he can't take damage but still gains power. Ranged fights will be challenging but not impossible.

Bots that rely on applying or gaining buffs or debuffs (respectively) will not fit well with the Deity's Relic of Obedience. Those like Wheeljack, Bonecrusher, Blaster, Mixmaster, Ironhide, Windblade, Megatron (ROTF), Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime (MV1), even Grimlock and others will struggle with defeating Megatronus. Optimus Primal will also be a weak choice because he will only lose his critical armor and not gain any melee buffs if mistimed.

The Megatronus in the last fight of Chapter 1 of Act 4 is most likely the hardest fight in the game (Excluding Master spotlights, Rulers of Kaon and Revenge of the King of course). With unstable Energon dealing Shock damage every 7 seconds, and the Relic of Chaos dealing constant Burn damage, we can just go off on a whim and say... A duped Grimlock, 4-star R5/50 or 5-star R2/20 is your absolute safest bet.

If facing Megatronus on a Robot Resource, call up Kickback or Windblade to nullify the power gain.

Strong Match-ups


  • Everyone – There is no bot that Megatronus cannot overpower.
  • Megatron – Megatron will find his namesake needs no buffs to be formidable.
  • Optimus Prime – Think Optimus Prime would stand a chance against the Fallen? Think again! Only the relic of obedience will put a stop to him from Rolling Out and disable the synergy bonus from his Chief Medical Officer!
  • Grimlock - Dark Burns aren't regular Burns, and in turn doesn't fuel the rage. Sometimes there is a fighting style when it comes to dark burns.
  • Wheeljack - Megatronus' Dark Burns will bypass the Force Shield and if Wheeljack thinks if he can activate his force shield, the relic of obedience will put a stop to that idea and it will punish commanders very badly that rely on the nano-repair mastery despite the class type advantages.
  • Ultra Magnus - Megatronus will easily bypass Magnus' Resistances putting the Autobot Commander in a serious disadvantage.
  • Ironhide and Megatron (ROTF) - Megatronus will easily dethrone those 2 demolition kings to become the new king of the demolitions. Remember the fallen is the real master of the demolitions not Ironhide or Megatron, and sometimes there is a time for revolution.


  • Every Mod - There is no mod that Megatronus cannot overpower.
  • Energon Storm - By some anomaly, Megatronus is immune to Shock damage until they're Fused or he reaches full power.

Weak Match-ups


  • No One – No one stands as a serious challenger to him that is the embodiment of power.
  • Shockwave – Repair Block and Power Drain will help keep the master of demolitions from tapping into his true power. Shockwave too does not generate any buffs which Megatronus’s relic of obedience has no answer to.
  • Windblade - Special I does serious damage because of his power gain, especially if Relic of Fury is on at the time and her heavy neuters his ranged attacks. If Megatronus' health is low (but not low enough to trigger his Relic of Immortality), her Special I or II can finish him off before the relic can kick in and protect him. The same goes for an awakened Ironhide that will inflict damage that will obliterate the opponent instantly.
  • Prowl - Special I can delay Relic switching, proving there is a need to stay silent when facing the Fallen.
  • Blaster - His tunes slow down the Demolition king's ranged attacks, making his wrath considerably easier to avoid.
  • Kickback - The power leaks that Kickback grants can drain the lord of the demolitions passive power gain but when he reaches full power the relic of obedience can kick in thanks to his passive power gain.
  • Hot Rod - Decelerating the Demolition king will delay relic switching and of course prevent him from using his devastating specials.
  • Necrotronus - Necrotronus is a surprise counter to the Fallen. The Megatronus reskin has the power rate down which will delay relic switching and a well timed critical hit when Necro is awakened. will not allow Megatronus to activate his relic of immortality.


  • No Mods - No mod stands as a serious challenge mod to him that is the embodiment of power.
  • Nightbird's Mark - A Nightbird's Cull can prevent him from going immortal.
  • Utility Mod: Power Wipe - Megatronus will never be able to gain two bars of power.
  • Utility Mod: Power Conductor - Megatronus will gain power very very slowly.
  • The Paralyzer's Stun Ray will drain Megatronus' Power very quickly.
  • The E.M.I. Module will decrease the potency of Megatronus' Heavy Attacks.

Recommended Modules

Paring these mods with The lord of the demolitions will enhance his abilities and defend your base!

  • Robot Resource – One cannot even fathom the carnage Megatronus could inflict with a second source of power.
  • Prime Module – The Prime Module will help the master of the demolitions stay in the fight longer and increase his stats to match any higher level contender.
  • The Transwarp Cell will take the Fallen's enemies to town with his Heavy Attacks.


  • Betrayal Crystal
  • Greater Power Crystal
  • October 2018 Megatronus Chips
  • February 2019 Login Calendar (day 27)
  • Premium Bot Crystals (added March 14, 2019)


8.0 title screen


  • Megatronus's design is based on his appearance in (now defunct) Machinima's Transformers: Titans Return and Power of the Primes animations. His jet mode is original and created for the game.

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