Aptly named for both his cement mixer alt form and his advanced skills in concocting chemical weapons for the Decepticons, Mixmaster has been linked to being a part of the mighty Devastator.  However, reliable footage of that rumor has yet to surface.

Maximum StatsEdit


  • Health: 1009
  • Attack: 70
  • Max Rating: 243


  • Health: 1837
  • Attack: 114 117
  • Max Rating: 522 526


  • Health: 4510
  • Attack: 245
  • Max Rating: 1273


  • Health: 8966
  • Attack: 487
  • Max Rating: 2606

Game AbilitiesEdit

Basic AbilitiesEdit

  • Special Damage
  • Critical Damage
  • Acid
  • Burn


Note: Crossed-out abilities were Mixmaster's abilities in version 1.0, but his abilities were overhauled in version 2.0.


  • Mixmaster starts the fight generating Physical Resistance Buffs, switching when reaching the limit of stacked buffs of the same type.
  • Gains a Special Damage Buff every 8 5 seconds, increasing Special Damage by 9~14 17.4~27 %. (Max: 6 stacks).
  • Once Mixmaster finishes generating Special Damage Buffs, he begins generating a Critical Damage Buff every 5 seconds, each adding 13.8~18.9% Critical Damage. (Max: 6 Stacks)
  • These Buffs are removed after Mixmaster successfully lands the last hit of a Special Attack.

Ranged Attacks

  • 20% chance to inflict Acid, dealing 35~60% Attack as chemical damage over 8~10 seconds and corroding 1 Resistance Buff every 1 second(s).

All Attacks

  • +50% Critical Rate if the opponent is under the effect of a Debuff.

Dash Back + Hold Block:

  • Force switches between generating Physical Resistance -> Special Damage -> Ability Block Buffs after holding Block for 2 seconds.

Mixology – Physical Resistance

  • Gains a Physical Resistance Buff every 8 seconds, increasing it by 2.9~4.5% when struck by an attack. (Max: 6 stacks)

Mixology – Ability Block

  • Gains an Ability Block Buff every 8 seconds, decreasing the opponent’s chance to trigger abilities by 5.9~9% when attacking. (Max: 6 stacks)

Ranged + Heavy Hit

  • 10% chance to convert one of his Buffs to an acidic solution, dealing Acid Damage for 29~45% Attack over 3 seconds. Increased chance on Heavy Attacks and it rolls on all of his Buffs.
Rank Special Damage Critical Damage Acid Special 3 Acid
1 17.4% 13.8% 20%/4 sec 35%/8 sec 80%/12 sec
2 19.2% 14.7% 45%/8.5 sec 94%/14 sec
3 21.6% 15.6% 53%/9 sec 106%/16 sec
4 24% 16.9% 55%/9.5 sec 120%/18 sec
5 27% 18.9% 60%/10 sec 134%/20 sec

Signature AbilityEdit

Concussive Block

  • Blocking reduces up to 10~40% additional damage from Physical Attacks based on current Health.
  • Well-timed Blocks parries the opponent’s Basic Melee Attacks, knocking them back and dealing 40% Attack.
Level Blocking
10 16.6%
15 18.6%
20 20.4%
25 22%
35 25%
40 26.4%
45 27.7%
50 29%
55 30.2%
60 31.4%
65 32.6%
70 33.7%
75 34.8%
85 36.9%
90 38%
95 39%
100 40%

Special AttacksEdit

  1. Recipe for Disaster - Cook up a beatdown with one part rage and two parts unpredictability.
  2. Concoction - Mixmaster kicks it up a notch and…bam!
    • 70% 60% chance to inflict Burn, dealing Heat Damage for 100% Attack over 6 8 seconds.
  3. Commence Devastation - Mixmaster takes a break from chassis-chasing to take his opponents seriously.
    • Gains up to 6 Buffs based on Mixmaster’s current mode.
    • Converts all of his Buffs to an acidic solution, dealing Acid Damage for 45% Attack over 3 seconds per buff.
    • 70% chance to inflict Burn, dealing Heat Damage for 120% Attack over 8 seconds.
    • 100% chance to inflict Acid, dealing 80-134% Attack as Chemical damage over 12~20 seconds and corroding one Resistance Debuff every 1 second(s).

Synergy BonusesEdit

  • Synergy-outgoing Allies - Bonecrusher - +2~3~8% Armor.
  • Synergy-incomingSynergy-outgoing Enemies - Drift - +2~3~8% Attack Rating.
  • Synergy-incomingSynergy-outgoing Weapon Specialists - Ironhide, Rhinox, Hound - +3~4~9% duration for damaging debuffs. +2~3~6% Attack Rating in Alliance Missions.
  • Synergy-outgoing Weaponsmiths - Waspinator, Grindor - 4~6~15% chance for Heavy Attacks to be a Critical Hit.
  • Synergy-incomingSynergy-outgoing Shieldmasters - Dinobot - Well-timed against Melee Attacks have 10% Block Proficiency and drains Power equal to 1~2~5% of the opponent's max Power.



Mixmaster is not the most favored Demolitions Bot by most Commanders, but he can deal tons of damage if you're patient and he is played right. First, fight and sidestep until Mix has his maximum amount of Special Damage Buffs and Critical Damage Buffs. (having the critical and Sequencer masteries will help with the damage)

More importantly, make sure the opponent has an Acid or Burn debuff and the maximum amount of Special and Crit Damage Buffs on him before unleashing a Special 2 or 3, or else the damage dealt will be rather flat.


Try not to sidestep in the middle of his II or you'll take heavy damage. His I is pretty easy to dodge (sidestep), but an AI Mixmaster's III is pretty devastating, so to say. With his Special Damage buffs Mixmaster is quite the beast, even on his I and II!

To make Mixmaster's special damage less potent, Nullify his buffs (Starscream, Sideswipe; Ultra Magnus, Screamer is a quicker option compared to Swipe, whose Nullify is only on a Special III).

Strong Match-upsEdit

  • Bumblebee - Mixmaster looks to deliver much of his damage during Special Attacks, allowing him to bypass much of Bumblebee’s evasiveness. Mixmaster's use of Ability Block will also greatly reduce Bumblebee’s chance to avoid incoming attacks.
  • Ultra Magnus - Mixmaster's Acid can corrode Magnus's Resistance Buffs.

Weak Match-upsEdit

  • Rhinox - Rhinox’s Shield caps the maximum damage that can be done to him in a single hit, making it a powerful counter to Mixmaster’s punishing Special Attacks.
  • Sideswipe - Sideswipes’s ability to Nullify Buffs makes him more powerful in a stand-up fight against Mixmaster and weakens his eventual Special Attacks.
  • Grindor - Mixmaster’s Ability Block will hamper Grindor’s Buff generation leaving him weaker to Mixmaster’s potent special attacks. As Mixmaster can no longer Ability Block, Mixmaster's Special Attacks will not be as effective.
  • Optimus Primal - Mixmaster relies on Critical Damage to dish out devastating amounts of damage, but Primal's Critical Armor will prevent that.
  • Starscream - Despite the type advantage, The coward's ranged criticals will prevent Mixmaster from dealing serious damage. Much to the deserter's relief and lower health rating.

Recommended ModulesEdit

Devastate enemy raiders with Mixmaster and these modules.

  • Laser Guidance Module - Mixmaster depends on his arsenal of projectile attacks for most of his abilities and damage output, making the accuracy and damage boost from this Module a natural fit.
  • Strange Refractor - The Strange Refractor increases the likelihood that Mixmaster’s unique Block ability is triggered and even gives him the opportunity to counterattack.
  • Security Module - The additional Buffs provided by the module help protect the variety of Buffs Mixmaster already generates, and increase his resilience so he has more time to generate those Buffs.


  • Bot Crystals
  • Cinematic Crystal
  • May 2019 Featured Bot Set - 3- to 5-Star Mixmaster


Trivia Edit

  • His vehicle mode is based on the MACK Granite Mixer, but the logo is removed to avoid licensing issues.

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