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Necrotronus is a Decepticon Warrior-class Bot. This variant of Megatronus depicts a merged version of the Fallen, having tried to awaken the dormant Necrotitan in New Quintessa at the end of Act 4.


When Necrotronus attempts to harness the power of the dormant Cybertronian, the two are corrupted to form a frightening new entity. Now Necrotronus attempts to rewrite history, but how long can the power of two sparks share one form before they burn everything down?


After Jetfire and Wheeljack arrived in the past following an accident with their Chrono-Vector, they returned to the time of Megatronus's rising, two years prior. Much like in the past, they were able to overcome him, this time with the help of Decepticons, but the timeline alterations caused large repercussions in the story.

On their way back home, Wheeljack and Jetfire come across Nemesis Prime, who attempts to use corrupted Bots to stop them from returning to their timelines so the Chrono-Vector could be destroyed. When reaching Nemesis, he reveals that the Bots they fought were not corrupted, but instead, they were possessed by Megatronus's ancient spark, which was scanning for more power after being defeated. Though Nemesis is ultimately defeated as well, Megatronus's spark is able to access the Necrotitan deep within New Quintessa.

When the Chrono-Vector was finally prepared for transwarp, the time travelers were ambushed by Rhinox, "the herald", the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, represented by Conquest, War, Famine, and Death. After the Horsemen were defeated, Necrotronus, a fusion of Megatronus and the Necrotitan, arrives, claiming that "they were responsible for the Chrono-Vector's technical problems, for they controlled the fates". The Autobots are briefly able to defeat Necrotronus and return to their home timeline to warn their allies of the coming danger.

Some time later, Wheeljack and Jetfire meet Ratchet and Grimlock, who after holding back the reversed universe invasion, were forced to help them fight the coming Horsemen of Apocalypse. Nemesis Prime, once again returning as Famine, affirms the existence of a "perfect pairing" that is capable of defeating Necrotronus, and attempts to defeat it. However, he once again slayed by the Autobots. Soon, the Autobots come across the Quintesson Scientist, who upon coming out of hiding announces to their shock that the perfect pairing to defeat Necrotronus consisted of Waspinator and Scorponok, for only they could not be corrupted. Following this, Waspinator and Scorponok go on a quest with the scientist to recruit all Decepticons to their cause. After that, all that remains is to recruit the Autobot forces.

Eventually, the Scientist and his minions are able to unite all Primes in New Quintessa just in time for Necrotronus to arrive in their timeline. With the combined efforts of all Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals, and Predacons, the Primes are able to briefly immobilize Necrotronus despite "their" great power, imprisoning it within the Scientist's Chrono-Vector prison, the Eternity Box.

It is said that Necrotronus will eventually return, for in control of the timelines, the Box might not be able to contain him for a long time.

Max Stats

  • 2-Star:
    • Health: 1,942
    • Attack: 161
    • Max Rating: 475
  • 3-Star:
    • Health: 4,768
    • Attack: 344
    • Max Rating: 1,386
  • 4-Star:
    • Health: 12,392
    • Attack: 893
    • Max Rating: 3,668
  • 5-Star
    • Health: 30,085
    • Attack: 2,167
    • Max Rating: 8,890
Rank/Level Health Attack Rating
1/1 6,660 480 1,491
1/10 10,504 757 2,349
5/50 30,085 2,167 8,890

Game Abilities

Basic Abilities

  • Power Rate Down
  • Overwhelming Power
  • Bleed



  • Opponent has more Power:
    • When the opponent has more power than Necrotronus, reduce their power gain by 10~50%.
  • Titan Charges
    • When Necrotronus hits the opponent, he gains 1 Titan Charge. Titan Charges cap at 20 (unless he is Awakened).
    • When Necrotronus gains a Bar of Power, he gain 5 Titan Charges.
    • Necrotronus gains Attack Up 0.5~1.5% for each Titan Charge.
    • When Necrotronus has 20 or more Titan Charges, he will trigger Overwhelming Power.
  • Overwhelming Power
    • Necrotronus gains an additional Attack Up, gains -35~-15% Block Proficiency and his melee defense is lowered.
    • If Necrotronus strikes an opponent, 100% chance the opponent gains a Bleed Debuff, dealing Bleed damage over 6 seconds (If they already have a Bleed Debuff, this refreshes the timer).
    • When the opponent performs a Special Attack, 30% bchance for Necrotronus to become unstoppable for 0.95 seconds.
  • Knocked Down
    • When Necrotronus is knocked down, he loses 5 Titan Charges.
  • Light/Medium Combos
    • Chance for opponent to Evade is reduced by 20%.
  • Heavy Attacks
    • Critical Hit Chance is increased by +1% for each Titan Charge.
  • When Taking Damage
    • When reduced to 10% Health, Necrotronus knocks the opponent away and gains 2 Bars of Power. For 10 seconds, Necrotronus will emit a Burn aura, causing the opponent to gain a Burn Debuff if they are close to Necrotronus.

Power Rate Down

Titan Charge


Negative Overwhelming Power Block Proficiency Bleed
1 10% 0.5% 0.35%/5% Melee 15%
2 20% 0.8% 0.3%/10% Melee 20%
3 30% 1% 0.26%/15% Melee 25%
4 40% 1.2% 0.23%/20% Melee 27%
5 50% 1.3% 0.2%/25% Melee 30%


As a boss in the final mission of Act 4, Necrotronus has no class and these additional abilities:

  • Passive
    • Necrotronus is immune to damage from standard projectile attacks.
    • Each Dash Dack of Sidestep generates a stack of Fatigue. At 5 stacks the next Dash Back or Sidestep inflicts Stun.
    • Necrotronus can only be defeated by Special Attacks.

Signature Ability


Titan Charges have a high maximum and also increase Critical Damage.

  • Maximum Titan Charges is 40
  • Critical Damage increases by 1.9~80.3% while Overwhelming Power is active.

Critical Damage

1 1.9%
5 5.5%






100 80.3%

Special Attacks

  1. Fall and Rise Again - We will be eternal.
    • 60% chance to increase Power Rate by +30% for 6 seconds.
    • Expends 10 Titan Charges.
  2. Two Minds - None can stand in our way.
    • 65% Chance to gain +20% Crit Rating for 12 seconds.
    • Expends 15 Titan Charges.
  3. Master of Timelines - Time is ours to control.
    • 85% chance to cause Bleed Debuff, dealing damage for 40% Attack over 7 seconds.
    • Expends 20 Titan Charges.

Synergy Bonuses

  • Synergy-incoming.jpg - Aspiration - Megatronus - Start the fight with 4~6~10 Titan Charges.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg - Power Consumed - Megatronus - +2~3~4% Critical Chance when Megatronus has more Power than the opponent.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg - Disciples - Nemesis Prime, Bludgeon - +2~3~4% Power Gain when your Bot has less Power than the opponent.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg - Cityspeaker - Windblade - +2~3~8% Power Gain from Sword Attacks.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg - Titan Hunters - Thundercracker, Waspinator - +2~3~6% Armor Piercing.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Leadership (5-Star) - Acting as a beacon of leadership, all lower tier teammates gain +10% critical rate.



Necrotronus is a very powerful bot who’s full of critical hits. It’s best to dupe your Necro to deal massive amounts of critical damage especially bypassing much of Megatron (ROTF) exterior armor.

While Megatronus's strength is passive Power Gain, Necrotronus takes a much more active approach requiring hits to gain charges. He can also inflict bleed like all warriors and it will be refreshed whenever hit so sticking to melee attacks will be helpful as your opponent too will deal extra damage to the bleeds.

His Specials are much deadlier so use as much special ll’s or special lll’s as possible as he can finish the opponent before they know it and he can easily defeat bots with a low health rating and if Necrotronus is below 10% health, use as many specials as possible so it can fill up the bar while he is using it.


It is near-impossible to sidestep his second wave of triple-hit bolts of his Special 1, and woe if he finishes an opponent with his absolutely devastating final hit of his Special 2.

When Necrotronus is below 10% health, STAY AWAY FROM HIM (Unless you're a Brawler like Grimlock) to prevent burn damage. But at the same time, try to control his power to prevent his sp3, or to apply backfire so that his sp3 kills himself.

Strong Match-ups


  • Most bots - You do not want to face Necrotronus unprepared!
  • Megatron (ROTF)’s armor will easily be bypassed my Necrotronus’s high and strong critical hits and Megatron wouldn’t be able to be hailed again.
  • Necrotronus's high Critical Rate will destroy Wheeljack's upgrades one after another.
  • Necrotronus is a surprise counter to the Fallen. The reskin of Megatronus’s power rate down will delay relic switching and a well timed critical hit will not allow Megatronus to activate his relic of immortality.


  • Most mods - You have to choose very effective mods against the Necrotitan or your bot will be smashed to bits.

Weak Match-ups


  • Brawlers - Brawlers tend to be tanky and stack Armor and/or Melee Buffs. Necrotronus has no buff removal, and his damage is more gradual, allowing Brawlers to more easily activate or build their buffs. He also gets a Melee Defense penalty when Overwhelming Power is active.
  • Grimlock - The King generates melee buffs every time he bleeds (and burns), which will put this Necrotitan down quick.
  • Optimus Primal - Prevents Criticals from Necrotronus.


  • Exo Filter - This mod makes it so Necro will have a hard time building up combos to gain Titan charges, it also makes it so his special three will activate the purifaction buff, possibly healing the opponent.

Recommended Modules

  • Harm Accelerator - It is imperative Necrotronus procs Bleed more, putting this titan of a Bot on a Harm Accelerator does that job well.
  • Superconductor 1000 - This mod will make it so his incredibly hard to dodge special one is now, also unblockable, meaning that he can use it whenever and always hit.
  • Nightbird’s Mark - Necrotronus is full of critical hits and paring him even when he’s awakened and he will be all on business when it comes to his critical hits.




  • He is an original Bot made by the Kabam Dev Team.
  • Being a reskin of Megatronus:
    • Necrotronus uses Tantrum's Special 1, and Rhinox's Special 2 animations.
    • He uses aerial bots' melee heavy attack animations.


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