Nemesis Prime is a Decepticon Tactician who is exclusive to his Arenas and Bot Crystals.


Created using a subspace impulse cloner, Nemesis Prime is a dark clone of the heroic Optimus Prime. Although he wears the Decepticon insignia, it’s unclear where his loyalties lie.

Story Edit

Max StatsEdit

All stats shown below assume that the Bot has 0 Forge and a locked Signature Ability.


  • Health: 4,682
  • Attack: 318
  • Max Rating: 1,372


  • Health: 12,169
  • Attack: 827
  • Max Rating: 3,666


  • Health: 29,543
  • Attack: 2,006
  • Max Rating: 8,884

Game AbilitiesEdit

Basic AbilitiesEdit

  • Dark Energy - Increases chance to copy Buffs, effectiveness of Special Attacks and damage of Heavy Attack.
  • Subspace Impulse Cloner - Whenever the opponent gains a Melee Attack Buff or Armor Buff, Nemesis Prime has a chance to copy the same buff.


  • Passive
    • Nemesis Prime gains a Dark Energy Charge every 12~10 seconds, up to a maximum of 10 charges.
    • At less than 50% health, Nemesis Prime gains a Dark Energy Charge every 7 seconds.
    • At less than 15% health, Nemesis Prime gains a Dark Energy Charge every 5 seconds.
    • +10% Critical Chance against Autobots.
    • +10% Armor Piercing against Decepticons.
  • Opponent Gains a Buff
    • Whenever the opponents gains a Melee Attack Buff, Nemesis Prime has a 10~25% chance to copy the same buff for the same amount of time. +5% chance for each charge of Dark Energy.
    • Whenever the opponents gains an Armor Buff, Nemesis Prime has a 10~25% chance to copy the same buff for the same amount of time. +5% chance for each charge of Dark Energy.
  • Heavy Attacks
    • Nullify one Melee Attack Buff or Armor Buff from the opponent.
    • This attack has +5% Attack for each charge of Dark Energy.

Dark Energy

Copy chance

1 12/9/6 seconds 10%
2 11.5/8.5/6.5 seconds 13%
3 11/8/6 seconds 16%
4 10.5/7.5/5.5 seconds
5 10/7/5 seconds 25%

Signature AbilityEdit

Artificial Matrix - Nemesis Prime saps the energy from his opponents, stealing their health.

Special Attacks: Special Attacks restore Nemesis Prime's health for 15~25% of damage dealt.



5 17.2%
60 22.7%
70 23.4%
100 25%

Special AttacksEdit

  1. Dark Energon Chop - This dark clone comes complete with a cloned Energon Axe.
    • 30% chance to copy each Debuff on Nemesis Prime to the opponent. +3% chance for each charge of Dark Energy.
    • Gain 2 charges of Dark Energy.
  2. Axes of Evil - Reverse the polarity of your opponent’s face.
    • 50% chance to nullify each Melee Attack Buff on the opponent and apply a 5% Attack Debuff for 4 seconds. +5% chance for each charge of Dark Energy.
    • 50% chance to nullify each Armor Buff Buff on the opponent and apply a 5% Armor Break for 4 seconds. +5% chance for each charge of Dark Energy.
    • Reduces Dark Energy Charges by 3 for each Buff nullified.
  3. No Matter the Obstacle - Nemesis Prime is on a mission, and nothing will stand in his way.
    • After the last hit of the attack, basic attacks are Unblockable for 7 seconds plus 0.5 seconds per charge of Dark Energy.
    • Reduces Dark Energy Charges to 0.

Synergy BonusesEdit

  • Synergy-outgoing Doppelganger – Nemesis Prime - Nemesis Prime gains 3~6% Armor.
  • Synergy-incoming Original ModelOptimus Prime GS - Armor Break is 3~6% more effective.
  • Synergy-incomingSynergy-outgoing Dark Energy FuelGalvatron - Increase Dark Energy gain by 4~5%.
  • Synergy-incoming Intriguing SubjectShockwave - Increase Power Gain by +3~4%.
  • Synergy-outgoing Dark AllyCyclonus - Increase Dark Burn damage by +5%.
  • Synergy-outgoing Leadership (5-Star) - Acting as a beacon of leadership, all lower tier teammates gain +10% Armor Rating.



Nemesis loves striking buffs away from opponents. This allows him to deal massive special II damage.


Bots who don't generate buffs are fair deal.

Strong Match-upsEdit

Bots Edit

  • All Brawlers, really:
    • Optimus Primal - Primal makes armor and melee buffs that will be easily nullified, and since he makes a ton of armor buffs his Special 2 will do massive damage. Also, when Primal has 10 armor buffs and converts them into Melee buffs, that's when Nemesis does the most damage. The king of the jungle has been dethroned; exit stage right, Primal.
    • Tantrum - Tantrum is an absolute brute with his Melee Buffs, but a pillow without them. It is also surprisingly quite easy to lose said buffs to Optimus Nemesis' Special II, and for Nemesis to copy them, giving him Tantrum's truck-fisted damage in a near instant.
    • Grimlock - Grimlock is the king of the Fight, but what is a king without Melee buffs?
    • Motormaster? - While we're on the subject of kings, Motormaster is the King of the Road, but against Nemesis becomes the King of the Junkyard pretty easily without his melee buffs. To add insult to injury, Nemesis can copy melee buffs.
    • Optimus Prime (MV1) - Reversing the polarities of MV1's face puts him to sleep pretty easily before he can take Nemesis on. It should also be noted that buffs will be copied, and oh it's so fun using MV1's buffs against him!
    • Grindor - Flying tank ain't so tanky no more. It is quite easy to lose his buffs to the axes of evil.
    • Thundercracker - A chop of the axe and it's adios for the reskin's Armor and Melee Buffs. Nemesis can also copy all the buffs Thundercracker can generate, and it's also curtains closed for Thundercracker without those buffs, even though the brawling jet has somewhat of an advantage over landlubbers such as Nemesis.
  • Bludgeon - This armored warrior will only lose his defenses to Nemesis' axe.

Mods Edit

  • Security Module - It is very easy to lose the benefits of this module to the axe.

Weak Match-upsEdit

Bots Edit

  • Megatronus - He only comes with four sets of relics, and doesn't generate Buffs at all.
  • Galvatron - Insanity checks prove that no buffs are needed to demolish dark clones.
  • Ramjet - Brasher behavior leads to easy wins.

Mods Edit

  • Exo-Filter - Nemesis won't be able to copy active debuffs onto his opponent if they are Purified.

Recommended ModulesEdit

Pair these mods with Nemesis Prime on your base!


  • Dark Matrix Crystal
  • Doppleganger Crystal
  • Shattered Time Arenas (for featured bot crystals, meaning that everyone has the same chance at getting him!)
  • Hallowed Crystals (so that everyone has a chance at getting him)


Trivia Edit

  • Nemesis Prime is the second reskin in the game, the first is Thundercracker.
  • Nemesis Prime could be seen when you try to access a Special Mission before they are unlocked. This was his first appearance.


External LinksEdit

  • Bot Intel Report[1]
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