Throughout the game, there have been several regular and special limited-time In-app purchases, and flash offers which can be bought for Energon and last for 24 hours.

In-App Purchases Edit

Unstable Booster PackEdit

  • Date:
  • Price:
  • Contents:

Crystal BundlesEdit

{Optimus and Grimlock} Crystal bundleEdit

Possession Crystal BundleEdit

Swordmasters Crystal BundleEdit

Reckless Driving Crystal BundleEdit

Brain Gain Bundle Edit

{Megatron and Barricade} Crystal BundleEdit

Relentless Crystal BundleEdit

Cyber Monday Crystal BundleEdit

Tier 3 Alpha Spark BundleEdit

Tier 3 Basic Spark BundleEdit

  • Date: 1/19~1/21
  • Price: About $18 USD
  • Items:
    • 2 T3 Basic Spark
    • 4 T2 Class Spark Crystal
    • 5 Gold Crystal

Flash Offers Edit