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He is the Cybertronian definition of altruism, sacrifice, and leadership. Always the bot with a plan, Optimus' tactical skills are only matched by his prowess in combat. If you are a sentient being, rest assured the legendary Autobot leader is valiantly fighting for your freedom!

Max Stats



  • Health: 1981
  • Attack: 173
  • Max Rating: 546 (sig 100)


  • Health: 4900
  • Attack: 370
  • Max Rating: 1236 (sig 35)


  • Health: 12,504
  • Attack: 942
  • Max Rating: 3536 (sig 99)
    • 2917 (sig 0)
    • 4464 (sig 20) (forge 100)


Rank/Level Health Attack Rating
1/1 6,720 507 1,427
1/10 10.599 799 2,247
2/20 13,805 1,040 2,961
3/30 17,959 1,353 3,931

Game Abilities

Basic Abilities


  • Blocking: When entering the Block stance, Optimus Equips an Armor Buff, reducing damage from attacks by 9-15% for 7 seconds.
  • All Attacks: Melee Buff: 10% chance to increase Melee damage by +26-51% for 4 seconds.
  • All Attacks: Willpower: While Optimus Prime is leaking Energon from Bleed Debuffs, the strength of his will returns 20-31.5% of the damage he deals as Health. Additionally, stacks of two or more Bleed Debuffs are Purified and converted to 10% Power.
  • Special Attacks - 60% chance to inflict Bleed on Slashing attacks, dealing 40% Attack over 3 seconds.
Rank Armor Buff Melee Buff Willpower
1 9.7% 26% 20%
2 10.7% 31% 23%
3 11.9% 36% 25.5%
4 13.3% 43% 28.5%
5 15% 51% 31.5%

Signature Ability

I'll Take You All On!

Optimus Prime's perseverance changes the tide of the battle, providing increased Armor and three Melee Buffs when at low health. This may occur once per fight.

Dropping Below 20% Health: Optimus Prime's perseverance changes the tide of the battle, providing +90% increased Armor and three 21~44.4% Melee Buffs for 7 seconds. This may occur once per fight.

+0.6% per level.

Level Melee
1 21%
5 23%
10 24.9%
15 26.5%
20 28%
25 29.3%
30 30.6%
35 31.8%
40 33%
45 34.1%
50 35.2%
55 36.2%
60 37.2%
65 38.2%
70 39.2%
75 40.1%
85 42%
90 42.9%
95 43.7%
100 44.4%

Special Attacks

  1. Guardian Slash - Twin swords have opponents seeing double the trouble.
    • This attack deals up to +150% damage based on Health lost.
  2. I'll Take You All On! - You'll have to go through a savage sword combo wielded by a strong will to take Optimus on.
    • +30% chance to inflict Bleed.
  3. Strength of the Autobots - Together, stronger. Divided, defeated.

Synergy Bonuses

  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Allies - Ironhide , Bumblebee, Drift, Hound - +1~2~3~8% Armor.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Enemies - Megatron, Megatronus - +2~3~8% Attack Rating.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Enemies - Grindor, Bonecrusher - +2~3~8% Attack Rating.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Sensei - Drift - 2~3~8% Armor.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Till All Are One - Bumblebee - 2~3~8% Attack Rating for Autobots. 6~8~12% debuff damage for Autobots in Raids.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Old Friends - Ironhide - 20~40~70% chance to deal an additional Bleed stack when inflicting Bleed.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Medic Support - Hound - 1.3~2.5~7% of base Health Repaired at the start of the fight. +3~4~5% extra Repair in Raids.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Leadership (5-Star) - Acting as a beacon of leadership for the team, all lower tier teammates gain +10% Attack Rating.



Optimus Prime's unique advantage is his Willpower, recovering health when bleeding and attacking, the stronger the hit the more he recovers. All but one bleed stack will be converted to Power if he's inflicted with at least two.

If Optimus has less than half his health, it is better to use his Special 1 instead of saving up for his other Specials, because he can deal far more damage with this single attack. As he deals only one hit on his Special 1, it is best to use it during or immediately after a melee combo.

His signature ability also significantly reduces the amount of damage he takes for a few seconds, so he becomes almost invincible. Go gung-ho in attacking the opponent before his buffs expire. However, damaging debuffs and Armor piercing can bypass his Armor Buffs but if a single hit deals enough damage from 21%< to 0% Optimus can’t activate his signature ability and it’s over and finished.


If possible, try to use attacks that do not inflict Bleed. Other damaging Debuffs can damage him without him benefitting from them.

If Optimus has his signature ability active, avoid using strong attacks and avoid being hit by him until his buffs expire. Or use Bots with damaging debuffs or those that can Nullify his Armor and Melee Buffs.

Strong Match-ups

  • Optimus has a healing advantage in addition to his class advantage against most Warriors, especially Bonecrusher.
  • Windblade inflicts Bleed with her sword attacks, giving Optimus the willpower to fight back.
  • Megatron (ROTF) has armor that can be bypassed when his arch enemy inflicts bleeds and when he is awakened, Prime’s special attacks will bypass Megatron’s armor. Battle of the bayverse leaders begin


  • Optimus is ideal when facing Base Defenders with a Harm Accelerator, partially countering the harmful Bleed debuff.
  • Melee Bleed from Special Mission Modules will give him a power boost.

Weak Match-ups

  • Bumblebee's Special 2 and 3 can Shock through and past Prime's Armor Buff and deal additional damage for each active Armor Buff.
  • Optimus Prime's Special attacks can Nullify his other self's Armor Buffs.
  • Ultra Magnus can nullify Prime's Melee Buffs and Armor Break his Armor Buffs.
  • Starscream can Nullify Prime's frequent combat buffs.
  • Shockwave's frequent use of Shock Debuffs won't cause Prime to gain power. Really, any bot that uses Shocks over Bleeds work.
  • Megatron can steal Prime’s melee and armor buffs and when he is awakened Megatron can steal those buffs and he will be taking on Prime on instead of Optimus taking him on.
  • Grimlock will easily turn Prime’s strengths against him.
  • Megatronus’s relic of obedience can disallow Prime from taking him on with his melee buffs and armor breaks from the special l can prevent Prime from getting tougher from his armor buffs. The same goes for his G1 self
  • Cheetor’s repair block will prevent Optimus Prime from repairing while Bleeding and an awakened Cheetor can punch through even the toughest armor, stopping the Autobot leader from making his epic last stand.

Recommended Modules

  • The Security Module increases the duration of Armor Buffs, making his signature ability last longer.
  • The Harm Accelerator can enhance Prime’s bleeds
  • Paring the Robot Resource onto the Prime and he’ll be all on business when it comes to his devastating specials.


  • Pre-Registration Reward Tier 3 (Unlocks at Player Level 10) (2-star)
  • Android players receive a free Google Play exclusive bundle containing a 2-star Optimus Prime.
  • Bot Crystals
  • Cinematic Crystal (2-4 star)
  • Ultimate Cinematic Crystal (3-4 star)
  • Optimus Prime Arenas (3~4 star)
  • Freedom Crystal (3~4 star)
  • 4-Star Optimus Prime Bundle for about $100 USD
  • July 2019 Daily Calendar (4-Star)
  • December 2019 set



  • His vehicle mode is based on the 1997 Peterbilt 379EXHD, but slightly tweaked to avoid licensing issues.

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