The Paralyzer is a rare Utility Module that enables a Bot defender to Stun attackers.
Paralyzer New


One of Wheeljack's early Immobilizer modules that leaves opponents dazed and diffused. Should work great, because we all know Wheeljack's inventions are always aces. Right?

Max StatsEdit


Basic Abilities Edit


Abilities Edit

  • Passive: Stun inflicted by the owner lasts +0.1~0.6 seconds longer.
  • Basic Attacks: 5~8% chance to Stun for 1 seconds.
  • Special Attacks: 60~75% to Stun for 3 seconds.
Rank Stun Stun chance Special Attack Stun
1 0.1 5% 60%
2 0.2 6% 65%
3 0.4 7% 70%
4 0.6 8% 75%

Signature AbilityEdit

Stun Ray

Enemies are exposed to a ray that drains Power to shut down mechanical and electrical activity.

Every # seconds, enemies are exposed to a ray that drains Power to shut down mechanical and electrical activity for 2 seconds.

Level Interval
10 27 seconds
15 26 seconds


This Mod is best suited for bots who can deal an additional debuff after stunning with a Special Attack.

  • Megatron - stunning an opponent with a Special Attack will leave them vulnerable to a blast from the Fusion Cannon, and thus fusing a debuff.
  • The chance to Stun gives Waspinator’s Sting more time to shine by keeping opponents from escaping while they’re vulnerable.
  • When Windblade reaches four Bleed stacks, her Stuns will be prolonged.
  • This will mesh well with Ramjet’s up-close fighting style, turning the king of Stun into an absolute wrecking ball against his helpless opponents.


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