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Raids is a versus Game mode in which players attack other players' Bases to win Raid Chips and Medals.


Raids are unlocked at player level 7. To start a Raid, you need to spend 1 Raid Ticket, which you have up to three at a time. Each ticket takes an hour to recharge, but you can buy another ticket for 10 Energon each.

Initially, you were presented with 3 Commander you could choose to raid within one minute. Should you wish to change the selection, you had to spend another Raid Ticket. In version 3.0, this system was revamped: You are now presented one Commander according to your current amount of Medals, and selecting another base costs 2, 6, or 10 Energon, depending on the presented base's total rating.

You have 20 minutes (originally 15) to defeat the opponent Bots before time runs out or your Bots are all knocked out.

After a Bot is used for raiding, he/she cannot be placed on your Base for a period of time. Listed are cooldown times for each star rating:

  • 1-Star: 5 minutes
  • 2-Star: 20 minutes
  • 3-Star: 2 hours
  • 4- and 5-star: 4 hours

You can view your attacks and the attacks on your Base in the Raid Center. Should the raider win, you will lose about 30 Medals and 10% of your current amount of Raid Chips. Should your defense be successful, you will earn about 15-30 Medals and about 500 Raid chips.

Raid Shields can protect your base from being attacked for a period of time. But you cannot raid yourself while a shield is active, or else the shield will be removed.


When you are attacked, you have the opportunity to attack the player back, even if the attack was a failure. The same rules for raiding apply for revenge; it costs one raid ticket, and you are able to steal raid chips from the player. The opportunity to revenge expires after a period of time, usually 24 hours. But often the base attacker is unavailable to be raided.

Raid Events

There are regular week-long special Raid Events when you can win Bot Chips in addition to the normal rewards. They are also accompanied with a Raid Ascent Alliance Quest. The more Medals you have, the more Chips you can earn. If you fail a raid, you will still receive half the potential amount of Bot Chips.

Early Raid Events

The first raid events with Bot Chips (all-or-nothing 60-90 Chips per Raid) were available in Raids for 2-Star Bots released at the time. Each 2-Star Bot cost 1000 Chips, but Shockwave's Raid Event introduced the 3-Star version available for 10000 Chips.

Last Knight

Featured Bot Raid Events

Starting from October, there is a Raid Event for each month's Featured Bot on the third week of the Bot's debut.

Throwback Week

Running from March 8th at 10 AM to March 15th at 10 AM Pacific Time, Commanders could earn Exclusive 2-Star Bot Chips from Raids to purchase exclusive 2-Star Bots of all Bots released after launch. (586 Chips per Raid in the 1250~ Medal range) 2 to 3 Bots were available for two days in the Raid Store each day, which could be bought for 2000 Chips each, maximum 5 for each Bot. The final days of the event offered 12 x500 bundles of 2-Star Exclusive Chips for 20 Energon each, and had all 16 Bots available at once.