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Relics are rare collectible items that give a small permanent boost when placed on the Commander's Base. Up to four Relics can be placed in a Base. They can be acquired in Story and Special Missions, or purchased in the Raid Store in exchange of currencies like Chips or Relic Tickets. They can be sold for a mere 500 Gold.

Starting from Tantrum's Spotlight Missions in July 2018, selections of previous Special Mission Relics are available to purchase for two months at at time with Raid Tickets earned by mastering Spotlight Missions. Tier 1 Relics cost two tickets, Tier 2 three tickets, Tier 3 four tickets, Tier 4 five tickets, and a special, rare relic for 20 tickets. Only one of each can ever be bought, so you'll end up with a huge stack of unusable tickets.

List of Relics

Note there is no official class categorization for Relics, this is primarily categorized by obtainment method.

Story Relics

Obtained by exploring Story Missions and Legends of Cybertron missions.

Special Mission Relics

Character-themed relics in four tiers. Initially obtained from each corresponding bot's debut special missions, but can now be bought from the Raid Store in cycles.

Special Relics


A few Relics have existed in the game files since the Beta even to the latest version, but have yet to be added.