Repair Module New

The Repair Module is a Defense Mod that periodically repairs a Bot Defe



The Earth Defense Command's standard-issue module for repairing broken machinery. It periodically repairs your Base Defender.

Max StatsEdit


Basic Abilities Edit

  • Repair
  • Block Proficiency

Abilities Edit

  • Passive:
    • Repair Health over 3 seconds. Recharges in 20 seconds.
    • +% Block Proficiency.
Rank Health Block Proficiency
1 172 10%
2 240 14%
3 437 16%
4 1074 18%

Signature AbilityEdit


Armor is fortified while Repairing.

Level Armor
5 16.8%
20 27.9%
25 30.9%
30 33.8%
35 36.5%
40 39.1%


Defense Edit

The Repair Module is generally useful for any Bot. But, it is recommended to pair this Module with Bots with a high health rating and armor or resistance, like Grindor, Ultra Magnus, or Grimlock.

It can also be used to give an additional Repair boost to Bots with their own healing abilities to prolong battles, such as Ratchet, Blaster, and Waspinator.

Raids Edit

  • Shockwave's and Cheetor's Special Attacks can inflict Repair Block, and as such can prevent the opponent from recovering Health if timed properly.