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The Robot Resource is an Attack Mod that automatically generates Power over time, at the cost of the Bot Defender receiving less Power from attacking.


One green and one pink crystal resonate at frequencies that amplify Power generation in your Base Defender.

Max StatsEdit


  • Health: 219
  • Attack: 19
  • Max Rating: 38


Power Flood

  • Passive:
    • Generate 1.3~% Power every second.
    • -50~% Power when attacking or being attacked.
Rank Power Flood Power Rate reduction
1 1.3% -50%
2 1.5% -54.3%
3 1.7% -58.9%

Signature AbilityEdit

Power Charge

Special Attack damage increases each time a Special Attack is activated.

Special Attacks: +3.3~% Special Attack damage each time a Special Attack is activated.

Level Special Damage
5 +3.3%
10 +4.8%
15 +6.1%
30 +9.2%
35 +10.2%


Base Defense Edit

All Bots can generally benefit from having Power generated for their Special Attacks, but the most effective pairings are with Bots with devastating Special 2's and 3's such as Ironhide or Prowl, or with Bots with their own Power Gain abilities like Sideswipe, Soundwave, and especially Megatronus. (As if he wasn't overpowered enough) Hot Rod gains more power with his Acceleration buffs.

Abilities that depend on filled Power Bars, like Feral Strike (if duped) and Cyclonus' Dark Fields, will activate more under this Mod.

Raids Edit

Rhinox can temporarily Power Lock to prevent power gain for a few seconds, and nullify Special Buffs with his Special 1.

The best Bots to use against defenders with this module is Windblade and Kickback; they can nullify the Power Gain buff until it reactivates when the opponent activates a Special Attack.

Hot Rod is a tertiary choice, as his deceleration debuffs reduce power gain.

If going on the offensive, Awakened Grindor's your choice.

Gallery Edit

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