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Rulers of Kaon
Rulers of Kaon is the first Legends if Cybertron Special Mission. It is an extremely long and difficult mission that only the strongest of Commanders could hope to complete.

Intro Edit

  • Optimus Prime: Commander, in the time of dire circumstances, it is wise to recall the words of the human philosopher Santayana, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. "
  • With this in mind, I present you with a series of challenges recalling the significant periods in Cybertron's history.
  • First we explore the time when Megatron rose to power and recruited his first Decepticon warriors in the underground gladiatorial fights of Kaon.
  • Megatron (ROTF): I did no such thing. You and I were once brothers in arms, until your weakness betrayed you. This fake history and alternative reality that you peddle is preposterous.
  • Optimus Prime: Perhaps, in your reality things transpired differently, but not in mine,
  • Megatron: You say I recruited warriors to do my bidding in these fights? Intriguing.
  • I shall participate in your charade and see who amongst the assembled are worthy to join my cause. Mixmaster, do you have anything that might sway the odds in our favor?
  • Mixmaster: Yes my master, I do. I've created a Megatronic Augmenter to greatly enhance the powers of your prospective warriors.
  • Megatron: Excellent! I like the name. Let's try it out. You're first!

Overview Edit

  • Total Rating: 9,999,999

There are twelve Bots, two of each class, 4-Star and maxed. Each Bot has a rank 6 Utility Module effect and incredible amounts of Health and Attack thanks to the Megatronic Augmenter. A full roster of Rank 4~5 4-Star Bots and loads of Repair and Revive Kits are crucial. Here is a strategy guide on how to

  • Mod: Special Damage 6

Sideswipe Edit

Grindor Edit

Starscream Edit


Rewards Edit

By completing Rulers of Kaon, these items will be rewarded:

+ 3 Tier 3 Basic Spark

+ 2 Tier 2 Alpha Spark

+ 1 random Tier 3 Class Spark

+ 4-Star Harm Accelerator

+ The Titans Hand Relic