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Scorponok’s seemingly slow wit contrasts sharply with his cunning and inventive nature. Fiercely loyal to his commander Megatron, Scorponok is one of the few Predacon subordinates that harbors no desire to usurp the lizard king.


Max Stats

  • 3-Star
    • Health: 4,682
    • Attack: 312
    • Max Rating: 1,309
  • 4-Star
    • Health: 12,169
    • Attack: 810
    • Max Rating: 3,523
  • 5-Star
    • Health: 29,543
    • Attack:1,966
    • Max Rating: 8,551
      • 7,024 (sig 0)
Rank/Level Health Attack Rating
1/1 6,540 436 1,404
1/10 10,315 687 2,211
2/20 13,436 894 2,928
3/30 17,478 1,163 4,136
4/40 22,719 1,512 5,518
5/50 29,543 1,966 8,551

Game Abilities

Basic Abilities

  • Venom Backfire
  • Dazed
  • Bleed


  • When filling a bar of Power
    • Gains a Venom charge, granting +20% Attack per charge.
  • Heavy Attack
    • Scorponok’s poisonous cyber-strikes converts each Venom Charge into a 12 second Backfire Debuff on the opponent. 
  • Critical Melee Attacks
    • 30~40% chance to Bleed, dealing 40~60% of Attack over 4 seconds.
  • Venom Backfire
    • When opponents activate a Special Attack, Backfire is consumed and inflicts 91.8~140% Attack as Shock damage per charge.
    • If the opponent does not use a Special Attack and 2 Backfire charges expire simultaneously, the opponent is also Stunned for 3 seconds.
    • If 3 or more Backfire charges expires simultaneously, the opponent takes Shock Damage equal to 500% of Attack Rating over 4 seconds.


Bleed Chance | Dmg

Sp1 Dazed Sp3 Dazed
1 91.8% 30% | 40% 7 sec 16 sec
2 102% 32% | 35% 7.5 sec 18 sec
3 113% 35% | 50% 8 sec 20 sec
4 126% 37% | 55% 8.5 sec 22 sec
5 140% 40% | 60% 9 sec 24 sec

Signature Ability


Fueled by Scorponok’s Venom Charges, Scorponok’s hidden robotic enhancements enable him to Repair.

When Struck:

  • Fueled by Scorponok’s Venom Charges, Scorponok’s hidden robotic enhancements enable him to passively Repair 31.5%~ 65% of the damage taken from non-Special Attacks.
Level Level Damage Repaired
5 34.6% 10 37.2%
15 40% 20 42.7%
25 45.4% 30 48.1%
35 50.8% 40 53.5%
45 56.2% 50 59%
55 61.6% 60 64.3%
65 67% 70 69.7%
75 72.4% 80 75%
85 77.8% 90 80.5%
95 83.2% 100 86%

Note: The table's stats are observed from in-game.

Special Attacks

  1. Daze and Destroy - The Cyber Bee's toxin viciously attacks the enemy's neural pathways.
    • Scorponok’s robotic bee Dazes the opponent, causing their Basic Ranged Attacks to Miss 60% of the time and Ranged Special Attacks to Miss 100% of the time for 7~ 9 seconds.
  2. Tunneling Terror - Scorponok is adapt at forcing the element of surprise.
    • Converts each Venom Charge into a 12 second Backfire Debuff on the opponent.
  3. Predacon Persecution - There is no stopping the primal calamity that is Scorponok.
    • Scorponok’s robotic bee Dazes the opponent, causing their Basic Ranged Attacks to Miss 60% of the time and Ranged Special Attacks to Miss 100% of the time for 16~ 24 seconds.

Synergy Bonuses

  • Synergy-incoming.jpgSynergy-outgoing.jpg Allies - Waspinator - +2~3~8% Armor.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpgSynergy-outgoing.jpg Enemies - All Maximals - +2~3~8% Attack Rating.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Weaponsmiths - Hound, Ramjet - +4~6~15% chance for Heavy Attacks to be a Critical Hit.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Leadership (5-Star) - Acting as a beacon of leadership, all lower tier teammates gain +10% Critical Damage.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Beast Purification - Optimus Primal - Heavy Attacks of Beast Wars characters grant 4~12~20% Attack Rating for 5 seconds and Purify Damaging Debuffs as long as there are 2 or more Beast Wars bots on Primal’s team.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Beast Ancestor - Tantrum - After each Heavy Attack, this bot gains a Beast Fury buff that grants Attacks a 5~8~15% chance to be Unblockable for 6 seconds.



Scorponok is a very tough bot. Backfire debuffs punish special attack users and have more utility than Scouts like Barricade. However, Scorponok's dazed debuffs punish bots that have ranged special attacks. Demolition bots like Waspinator, Ironhide, along with others like Hound (well, until 8.0), Wheeljack, and possibly Megatron won't be able to inflict their strong damage.

Bots with strong special damage like Jazz, Optimus Prime, Demolition Bots; obviously, and most Tactician bots will be punished with Venom Backfires. If you're not as lucky to let Venom Backfires used, expiring them will still be punishing. Two will stun and three will deal large amounts of shock damage.

You can save up to 10 Venom Charges for longer fights to permanently increase attack until they are unloaded.


Avoid getting hit by his first Special attack. Missing ranged attacks can and will be detrimental unless you have bots that rely on melee attacks. Power drainers and burners will be your friend.

Especially avoid his Heavy Attacks. An Al Scorponok loves to uses his heavy attacks. 3 or more Backfires is a near-death sentence.

Strong Match-ups


  • Prowl - Prowl’s shotgun is much less threatening while he is Dazed and confused.
  • Megatronus - The Fallen will be unable to land the first hit of his Special Attacks, making his wrath considerably easier to avoid.
  • Arcee - What's a sharpshooter without her aim?
  • Megatron (ROTF) - The demolition king won't terrorize Scorponok at all when he is Dazed. And he relies on Special Attacks to inflict the most Impair Charges, and that can be partially shut down by backfiring into his face.
  • Galvatron - Scorponok, for his slow wits, can stop this insane Decepticon from dealing with lots of damage.
  • Megatron - Scorponok’s repairs expire quickly which Megatron can’t really steal from. Dazing the decepticon leader is also a good way to ensure that when he fire heavies when the fusion cannon reaches full power or overloads will miss completely.
  • Waspinator - Scorpy's partner-in-crime relies on Ranged Attacks, and Scorponok can Daze the bug. So much for irony.


Superconductor 1000 & Superconductor 2000 - Bots who are more likely to use their special attacks will be punished by Venom Backfires. Just be careful to avoid the hits if they don't get KO'd.

Weak Match-ups


  • Grimlock - With very few Ranged Special Attacks and the ability to Purify Bleeds, this Predacon will fear a different kind of Dinobot even though he can stack backfires which will ignore the King’s signature ability.
  • Shockwave - Though it's nice to have his Special II's lasers not hit you, Shockwave’s ability to Heal Block will put a stop to Scorponok’s Regenerative capabilities.
  • Hound - Dazed will not work on Hound if he has Precision Ammo, and he can just roll it off.
  • Thundercracker can shrug off Scorponok's Venom Charges and Daze debuffs.
  • Kickback - Despite the class disadvantage, Kickback can prevent Scorponok from stacking backfires from his heavy attacks with T-Clog and his power leaks can prevent Scorponok from gaining venom changes more often. Though this can be taken advantage of if he leaks at a bar of power, letting him hit back and quickly stack up Charges.
  • Cheetor - Despite the class disadvantage, Cheetor's special l will block Scorponok's repairs.
  • Megatronus - In spite of his aforementioned advantage, The Relic of Obedience will make it untimely difficult to inflict Backfires and Dazed in the first place.
  • Necrotronus - Necrotronus's SP1 is actually a ranged Melee attack.


  • Exo-Filter - Scorponok's many debuffs will be purified and give the opponent Unstoppable instead of Backfires.

Recommended Modules

Pair these Modules with Scorponok on your base!


  • Cyberbee / Armored Arachnid Crystals
  • Scorponok Bot Chips
  • Premium Bot Crystals (added April 2, 2019)
  • Calendar: March 2019 (4-Star)



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