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Who is superior? Soundwave and his trusty minions Laserbeak and Ravage, that’s who! The Decepticon model of loyalty to Megatron's cause, he takes advantage of his title as Communications Officer to ingratiate himself with Megatron every chance he gets.

Max Stats


  • Health: 1802
  • Attack: 141
  • Max Rating: 548


  • Health: 4425
  • Attack: 296
  • Max Rating: 1299


  • Health: 11499
  • Attack: 769
  • Max Rating: 3502


Health Attack Rating forge
1/1 6,180 413 1,446
2/20 12,696 849 2,999 13
3/30 16,763 1,121 4,287 13
5/50 27,917 1,866 8,478

Game Abilities

Basic Abilities

  • Power Gain
  • Power Leak
  • Shock


  • Passive: Soundwave does not generate Power from hitting opponents, use his Heavy and Special Attacks to generate Power instead.
  • Heavy Attacks:
    • Generates 14-17% of a Power Bar per second until a Special Attack is activated or upon gaining 2 bars of Power.
    • 100% chance to inflict Shock, dealing Shock Damage for 49% Attack over 6 seconds.
Rank Power Gain Power Leak Special 2 Power Gain
1 14% 60% 15.4%
2 14.6% 65% 16.2%
3 15.4% 73% 17%
4 16.2% 81% 18%
5 17% 90% 19%

Signature Ability

Sonic Shield

Soundwave projects a Sonic Shield that grants him Energy Resistance and a chance to Reflect incoming Ranged Attacks.

When filling a Power Bar: Soundwave projects a Sonic Shield that grants him 35% Energy Resistance and has a 20~90% chance to Reflect incoming Ranged Attacks, dealing 140% of their original damage.

+about 0.9% per level

Level Chance
5 20.5%
10 25.1%
15 29.4%
20 33.5%
25 37.5%
30 41.3%
35 45.1%
40 48.8%
45 52.4%
50 56%
60 63.1%
65 66.6%
70 70%
75 73.4%
90 83.4%
95 86.7%
99 89.4%
100 90%

Special Attacks

  1. Special 1 – Sonic Cannon - Listen to this and your ears will be burning.
    • 50% chance to Stun for 1.5 seconds.
    • 75% chance to Power Leak, consuming 60-90% of a Power Bar over 4 seconds.
  2. Special 2 – Ravage - Ravage. Prepare for battle. Eject!
    • Deals Shock Damage for 70% Attack over 6 seconds
    • Generates 15.4-19% of a Power Bar per second until a Special Attack is activated or upon gaining 3 bars of Power.
  3. Special 3 – Eject - Turn it up to 11 with the ultimate mixtape, featuring appearances by Lazerbeak and Ravage.
    • 40% chance to Stun for 2.5 seconds.
    • 70% chance to Power Lock, severing the target’s flow of Power for 8 seconds.

Synergy Bonuses

  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Enemies - Optimus Prime - 2~3~8% Attack Rating.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Enemies - Blaster - 2~3~8% Attack Rating.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Shield Amp - Mirage, Rhinox - 2~4~10% damage reduction when Shielded.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Brain Gain - Shockwave - Soundwave increases his Attack against Demolition Bots by 10~15~25% at the start of the fight. Shockwave only benefits from this bonus if all Bots on the team have this Synergy.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Brain Drain - Shockwave - Shockwave's Shocks last 8~10~25% longer.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpgSynergy-outgoing.jpg Allies - Ramjet, Bludgeon, Kickback - +2~3~8% Armor.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Till All is Ours - Megatron - All Decepticons gain 5~10~15% Attack against Autobots.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Leadership (5-Star) - +10% Power Rate



While Soundwave has above average health than other Bots, his main drawback is that he cannot generate Power by attacking. However, if he manages to hit his opponent with his Heavy Attack or Special 2, he will start gaining Power over time quickly. If he gets hit, he will also gain Power as normal bots. If you can stall for time, do so after the power gain; then he will have a huge power advantage over the opponent.

Compared to Jetfire, who needs to pull of a well-timed Block, Soundwave is a safer option to use, but needs his Sig. Also, Soundwave's reflection deals more damage than Jetfire's. (100% on a max-ranked Jetfire compared to 140% on Soundwave)


Al Soundwave is greedy for power so dodge his heavy attacks and his Special 2 at all costs; doing so will prevent the greedy Soundwave from generating more power. Try to use as many normal attacks as possible so his Power will be remain capped at 2 bars. Abilities like Backfire and Nullify and anti-power abilities can hamper him from using his Special. Power leaks, nullifiers and power drainers will be your friend and that will prevent Soundwave from generating power.

Strong Match-Ups

  • Ironhide - Soundwave’s Sonic Shield is extremely effective against Ironhide’s Special Attacks reflecting his Ranged Attacks back at himself will only tear himself apart.
  • Hound - Reflecting Hound's ranged attacks can easily bring the bulky bot down.
  • Megatron (ROTF) - Shocks ignore Megatron’s tough armor and the sonic shield will ensure that the damage from the impair charges will never be inflicted upon him. Instead Megatron will be using his heavy attacks on himself.


  • Finesse - Soundwave's Power Gain ignores the zero Power Rate debuff instigated by this Mod.
  • Laser Guidance Module - Bots who uses ranged attacks especially those whose heavy attacks are ranged will get their shots reflected back on them with no time to block.

Weak Match-Ups

  • Windblade - Windblade can neutralize Soundwave’s Power Gain and inflict extra damage with her Special 1. Soundwave’s Heavy Attack is also very ineffective when Windblade is using her own Heavy Attack because of her ability to make Ranged Attacks miss.
  • Kickback - This Insecticon will easily consume Soundwave's shocks, Power Leak and Power Gain with his Heavy Attacks, as well as prevent Soundwave from spamming heavy attacks with T-Clog.
  • Grindor - Grindor does more damage as the opponent gains power and since soundwave gains massive amounts Grindor will tear Soundwave apart
  • Grimlock will find Soundwave’s shocks to be a joke as they get instantly purified once inflicted.
  • Megatronus - The relic of obedience will prevent the greedy Soundwave from gaining power when he spams heavies or even activate his sonic shield despite the class type advantages though a duped Soundwave can reflect his dark burning abilities back at him.


  • Power Conductor - Soundwave will be unable to use his Special 2, as his static Power will immediately drop the moment his Power Gain ends.
  • Paralyzer - This mod will drain Soundwave’s power hampering his ability on using his specials.

Recommended Modules

Make Soundwave a Superior Base Defender with these mods!

  • Laser Guidance Module - When Soundwave Reflects the opponent’s Ranged Attacks, the Laser Guidance Module will enhance its damage.
  • Robot Resource & Superconductor 2000 - The synergy between Soundwave’s Power Gain plus the Power Gain from those modules can stack. This will create a deadly combination in your base.
  • With the Transwarp Cell, Soundwave can drain the opponents' Power while charging his own. That would be very unfair!
  • Tech Console - This radio drops some serious Shocks and Shields that will be strengthened, making it so Soundwave will be even more superior.


  • Bot Crystals (3~4-Star)
  • Soundwave Arenas
    • Analogue Armament (3-Star)
    • Mixtape Mania (4-Star)
  • Cassette Crystal
  • July Daily Login Calendar
  • February 2020



  • Soundwave's design is based on his Titans Return toy, but with his own concussion blaster.
  • Soundwave is the only Bot that does not have an alt-mode in the game. According to the designers, "There were a lot of jokes whether kids today would know what a boombox with tapes is and the obvious scale difference once he transforms into a boombox.  He would look strange being so small next a giant robot that could step on him or kick him off screen and end the match instantly."[1]
  • Soundwave and Blaster are the only Bots that deploys other bots, namely his pets Laserbeak and Ravage. Blaster deploys Rewind and Steeljaw.
  • Soundwave is the only Bot who "speaks" when activating his Specials.

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