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Megatron’s notoriously treacherous Decepticon Air Commander. Starscream’s ambition and resilience is legendary but his lust for power often backfires, earning him scorn, ridicule, and the odd laser blast from Megatron. He dreams that one day he will be called Lord. Lord Starscream.


Max Stats


  • Health: 1575
  • Attack: 132
  • Max Rating: 550


  • Health: 3866
  • Attack: 280
  • Max Rating: 1312


  • Health: 10048
  • Attack: 727
  • Max Rating: 3524


Rank'Level Health Attack Rating
1/1 5,400 391 1,354
1/10 8,517 617 2,133
2/20 11,094 803 3,039
3/30 14,432 1,045 4,080

Game Abilities

Basic Abilities

  • Null Ray
  • Ranged Buff
  • Armor Break


Null Ray

  • Ranged attacks have 20~30% increase to Critical Chance.
  • Basic Ranged Attacks have a 100% Chance to Nullify an Armor, Melee, or Attack Buff. This does not affect Buffs from Modules or Boosts.
  • When an opponent’s buff is Nullified that bot takes 70~90% of attack as instant Shock Damage.


  • 5% chance Starscream Evades Heavy Melee Attacks, because sometimes, cowards do survive.

Heavy Attack

  • 20% Chance to inflict Burn causing 40% of Attack as heat damage over 4 seconds.
Rank Critical Shock SP1 Ranged Damage SP2 Armor Break chance/%
1 20% 70% 45% 72% | 50%
2 22% 75% 50% 75% | 55%
3 25% 80% 55% 80% | 60%
4 27% 85% 60% 82% | 66%
5 30% 90% 65% 85% | 70%

Signature Ability

Nullify All Hope

Starscream’s cunning is without limits, eventually he will find a way to nullify any advantage an opponent has.

  • Starscream’s Null Ray has a 13~70% chance to Nullify any type of Buff. This does not affect Buffs from Modules or Boosts.

approximately +1.5% per level

Level Nullify Chance
1 20%
5 24.5%
6 26.4%
7 28%
8 29.5%
9 30.9%
10 32.2%
15 37.8%
20 42.4%
25 46.3%
30 49.7%
35 52.9%
40 55.7%
45 58.4%
50 60.8%
55 63.2%
60 65.4%
65 67.5%
70 69.5%
75 71.4%
80 73.2%
85 75%

Special Attacks

  1. Air Superiority Complex - A sycophant’s vengeance at last.
    • 80% Chance to increase Ranged Damage by 45~65% and Projectile Speed for 8 seconds.
  2. Cunning Treachery - He’s got you now!
    • 72~85% Chance to cause a 50~70% Armor Break for 7 seconds.
  3. Null-Ray to Oblivion - Conquest is made of the ashes of one’s enemies.
    • Nullifies up to 5 Buffs of any kind from the opponent.

Synergy Bonuses

  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Starscream's Seekers - Thundercracker, Skywarp, Ramjet, Dirge - +5~8~15% Damage and 20~30~75% Armor Piercing for all Decepticon Ranged Attacks.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpgSynergy-outgoing.jpg Sky Assault - Windblade , Waspinator- +7~10~25% Anti-Evade
  • Synergy-incoming.jpgSynergy-outgoing.jpg Enemies - Galvatron, Jazz - +2~3~8% Attack Rating.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Lieutenants - Megatron - Megatron gains new abilities and his Lieutenants gain +2~3~8% Armor and +2~3~8% Attack Rating.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Lieutenants - Megatron - Megatron’s Special Attacks have a 30~40~70%% chance to Stun the opponent for 3.5 seconds. This effect will only trigger once per fight for each Special Attack and this Stun debuff cannot be Fused.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Old Friends - Jetfire - Increases the duration of Jetfire's Stun for well-timed Blocks by 0.2~0.3~0.5 seconds.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Old Friends – Jetfire - While Dashing Back, Ranged Attacks miss Starscream, which grants him a 10~15~30% Crit Damage buff for 6 seconds.
  • Synergy-outgoing.jpg Leadership (5-Star) - Acting as a guard against treachery, all lower tier teammates gain +80% Nullify Resistance.
  • Synergy-incoming.jpg Own the Skies - Slipstream - +16% Attack against bots with an Aerial alternate form.



Starscream may not have the best health rating, but his strength comes through his Null-Rays. He can deal significant damage when nullifying Armor, Melee, and Attack Buffs. The projectiles do not Nullify if they are blocked, so the best times to zap opponents are when they are dashing forward or just as they finish a melee Special Attack.

Starscream's Special 3 is quite weak if the opponent has no buffs; Only when the opponent has several long-lasting or permanent buffs is Starscream's Special 3 effective. Generally, it is recommended to use his Special 1 and 2 for more damage.



Bots with lots of buffs and Demolition Bots have a disadvantage against Starscream if his Signature Ability is awoken; he can Nullify and severely Shock them through their many buffs. However, Some Demo bots like Ironhide have the fewest buffs, so these bots and bots who do not have many buffs are recommended to use against an awakened Starscream.

Rulers of Kaon

Try not to get tagged by his Special 2, which is unblockable. Otherwise, try to avoid his ranged attacks so you don't get nullified.

Strong Match-ups

  • Anyone with buffs - The buffs the bots gain will be Nullified and will cause extra damage with those buffs nullified.
  • Brawlers - Starscream will be great against Brawlers like Optimus Prime (MV1), whose frequent combat buffs make them easy for this tactician to take down.
  • Sideswipe - Once Starscream has his Signature ability awoken, be careful to consider what bots frequently activate buffs.
  • Optimus Primal - The ape's crit armor and melee will be nullified by Starscream’s ranged attacks and special 3.
  • Grimlock - Grimlock's melee buffs can be nullified so what is a King without melee buffs?
  • Thundercracker - Starscream will Nullify his comrade's many Buffs.
  • Mixmaster - In a rare case for a Tactican to be superior to a demolition, the coward’s ranged attacks and special 3 will prevent Mixmaster from dealing serious damage. So much to the deserters low health rating.
  • Ultra Magnus- Starscream's Signature Ability and special 3 will nullify his Resistance buffs and deal tons of damage.


  • Most Mods with buffs - Those buffs the mods generate will be nullified and easily.
  • Courage - This attack mastery will discourage Commanders around Starscream. The same goes for Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus.

Weak Match-ups

  • Scouts - Starscream will have trouble nullifying the buffs the scouts have because the evasive buffs can evade the coward’s ranged attacks.
  • Ironhide - This bot rarely activates buffs, making him untouched by Starscream’s most powerful abilities.
  • Bonecrusher - This Warrior relies almost completely on Damaging Debuffs, something Starscream has no answer to.
  • Shockwave - Shockwave only comes with and doesn’t generate buffs at all and can absorb Energy Charges and may Undo damage.
  • Galvatron - With no buffs to nullify and no armor to break, Galvatron will show Starscream the difference what Unicron can make.
  • Megatronus - Starscream’s null ray is suited for nullifying buffs and Megatronus comes with relics which aren’t buffs at all.

Recommended Modules

  • Nightbird's Mark - Increasing Critical Chance and granting the ability to Evade more types of attacks perfectly complement Starscream’s cowardly tactics.
  • E.M.I. Module - Starscream relies on his Ranged Attacks to deal the most damage. Weakening the Ranged counter-attacks from opponents will strengthen Starscream's hand when facing raiders.
  • Laser Guidance Module - There is no escaping the Nullification.


  • Starscream Arenas
    • Repeat Offender (3 Star)
    • Power Play (4 Star)
  • Usurper Crystal
  • Bot Crystals
  • A Starscream's Exclusive Pack was made available from the 5th of April as an iOS App Store exclusive. This pack gives players a 4-Star Starscream, 4-Star Tactician Awakening Program, Signature Upgrades, and Ore-13. If players already had a 4-Star Starscream, this pack effectively Awakens his Signature without the need to use a program.
  • Generations Crystals



  • Signature Ability level was initially at 13~70%


  • His design is based on his Generations Combiner Wars Starscream toy, which is a redeco/retool of the Transformers Generations/Legends Series LG07 Jetfire toy, but he does not have the handheld gun like his toy.
  • His Leadership ability is unique, as it grants his allies Nullify Resistance instead of Armor Rating.

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