Pairing certain Bots with the correct bots activates Synergy Bonuses for one or both of them. All Bots have at least one Synergy Bonus except Tier 1 Bots (which they had up to v1.0). If there is the same bot with mutliple tiers on the same team, only the bonus with the highest effect will take effect.

On this wiki, Synergy-incoming will represent incoming bonuses that bots receive, and Synergy-outgoing will represent outgoing bonuses bots give.



+1~2-3-8% Armor

Beastial PurificationEdit

Heavy attacks:+25% Attack buff for 5 sec. Purifies All damaging debuffs as long as there two more beast bots with Primal

Brain GainEdit

Brain DrainEdit

Brothers in ArmsEdit

+8% Armor for a faction(Autobots). Additional +8% damage to Melee Attacks in Solo Missions

Code 12: Reckless DrivingEdit

Chief Medical OfficerEdit


+2-3-8% Attack Rating

Espionage SpecialistsEdit

+70% Chance not to trigger opponent's abilities while using Special Attack 2 & 3

Forged to LeadEdit

+8% Armor to Minions.

Forged to ServeEdit

Barricade: Megatron has 100% Chance to inflict extra impair charge while attacking. Grindor: 100% Chance to gain unstoppable at start of fight. Bonecrusher:100% Chance to stun for each 20 impair charges.


Living WeaponEdit

+16% Attack yo Heavy Attacks and Sp3

Medic SupportEdit

+8% Health repaired at start of fight.

Old FriendsEdit


First Heavy inflicts Power Lock for 12 sec.

Racing RivalsEdit


80% of Power Bar at start of fight.


+2-3-8% Armor


+20% CRIT rate for ranged attacks

Shield AmpEdit


5~10~20% Block Proficiency

Speed ChasersEdit


old: 3~4~10% Critical Damage for each sword attack that isn't a Critical Hit until the next Critical Hit. 6~8~12% more Critical Hits in Solo missions. new:

Sky AssaultEdit

+25% Anti-Evade

Starscream's SeekersEdit

Till All Are OneEdit

+8% Attack Rating for Autobots. +12% Damage to DoT Debuffs in Raids

Till All Is OursEdit

+10% Attack Rating for Decepticons against Autobots.

Unstoppable ForceEdit

Weapon SpecialistsEdit


+15% CRIT Rate to Heavy Attacks