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"Till All Are Gone"[1] is a Spotlight Mission featuring Nemesis Prime that started July 4.

Official forum info Edit


The Reforging Energy triggered by Megatronus trying to awaken the mysterious Titan has thrown the world into disarray.

Fearing what may be happening, the Autobots send a scout towards the epicentre of a disturbance, in hopes that they may identify the Titan, or at least find some answers.

However, the communications they received were troubling, before stopping all together...

Things go from bad to worse when a new foe wearing a familiar face joins the fray. The sinister Nemesis Prime.

Created using a subspace impulse cloner, Nemesis Prime is a malicious copy of the heroic Optimus Prime. Although he wears the Decepticon insignia, it’s unclear where his loyalties lie.

Now Commander, it’s up to you and Optimus to try and hold things together and fight off the emerging darkness in the suspenseful new Spotlight Mission, Till All Are Gone!

This never before told story will be available July 4th at 10AM! PT


Our Writer says "I just talked to Nemesis Prime. He says he can say what he wants and you're not his boss."

Nemesis Prime is not very nice...

– Kabam Miike, Forums


About Nemesis' position in the universe:

Actually! Kind of a side note, but something I want to point out... Remember that this game takes place in its own little pocket universe, where different Optimus Primes can collide, and Soundwave speaks just as normally as everybody else.

This Nemesis Prime, like all of our other Bots, is based heavily on source Material, but exists on his own in this Universe.

– Kabam Miike


Changes/Rewards Edit

Transcript Edit

Chapter 1 - Quakes Edit

Mission 1 - ShiftingEdit

Part 1 Edit
  • Marissa Faireborn: Optimus, have you heard from Bumblebee?
  • Optimus Prime: After the Decepticons amassed then scattered, I sent him to follow Megatronus and report back.
  • Marissa: He sent some scans... but for the past few days he has gone radio silent.
  • Optimus Prime: Silence seems like a message itself. If Bumblebee is in trouble I must track him down.
  • Marissa: Assumed you'd say that. Uploading some spots he reported from, it's going to be a rough journey.
  • Optimus Primal: It always is.
Part 2 Edit
  • Marissa: First tracker up ahead.
  • Tantrum: If I were you I'd head back the way you came.
  • Optimus Prime (G1): I have never known you to be the one to relent in a charge, Tantrum.
  • Tantrum: Aw heck, suppose you're not wrong. Either way you're about to et turned into a truck stop.
  • Optimus Prime (G1): All of this leads to certain demise, you must know that.
  • Tantrum: Demise is exactly what I'm promisin', you filthy rust bucket.
  • Optimus Prime (G1): I shall have to install a filter on your language processor.
Part 3 Edit
  • Optimus Prime (G1): Is there no journey on this world that does not result in calamity or conflict?
  • Soundwave: Negative. Inferior Autobots always conflict with superior Decepticons.
  • Optimus Prime (G1): I look only to retrieve those under my command. What are you protecting?
  • Soundwave: Revealing motives would result in a tactical disadvantage.
  • Optimus Prime (G1): You are always at a disadvantage when you follow Megatron's orders.
  • Soundwave: Incorrect. Advantage belongs to Decepticons, Autobot scum shall be eliminated!

Mission 2 - ShatteringEdit

Part 1 Edit
  • Waspinator: NOOO! CLUMSY CLAWSZZZ! That part goezzz over HERE!
  • Scorponok: Who came through a Space Bridge last? I know what I'm doing!
  • Optimus Prime (G1): What are the two of you attempting?
  • Scorponok: We don't got to tell you ANYTHING Prime!
  • Waspinator: We don't need to tell you that we want to bring PREDACON Megatron here!
  • Scorponok: YEAH! We don't have to tell you any of that!
Part 2 Edit
  • Scorponok: There's so many Megatrons! One even says he's a Megatron for US, but he ain't my Megatron!
  • Optimus Prime (G1): You refer to Megatronus?
  • Waspinator: That izzz the one! He doezzz not even have any Dinosaur partzzz!
  • Optimus Prime (G1): You are both misguided and misinformed.
Part 3 Edit
  • Optimus Prime (G1): We do not belong here. Why bring down more fo your kind to suffer our fate?
  • Scorponok: I'm not programmed to lead! All I know is that Megatron would know what to do.
  • Optimus Prime (G1): There are many Megatrons here, none have improved our situation.
  • Scorponok: It's like that old saying goes: Two Megatrons is company. Three Megatrons makes you proud.
  • Optimus Prime (G1): Taling is not going to be expedient. Simple and blunt methods are advisable Commander.

Chapter 2 - Cracks Edit

Mission 1 - DivideEdit

Part 1Edit
  • Marissa Faireborn: Something big is here Optimus.
  • Optimus Prime (G1): Has the Tian awoken? Can you get a scan on it?
  • Marissa Faireborn: No it's different. It's not so much a reading as it is a black hole or signal.
  • Jetfire: Prime, we need to discuss vital findings.
  • Optimus Prime (G1): Jetfire, it is good to see you. Perhaps you can assist as I track down Bumblebee.
  • Jetfire:: No, I do not advise further travel.
  • Optimus Prime (G1): Do not advise, or will not allow?
  • Jetfire:: Both.
Part 2Edit
  • Optimus Prime (G1): Bumblebee is missing. It is imperative I locate him.
  • Jetfire:: He passed this way with his Prime. However...
  • Optimus Prime However?
  • Starscream: However, that Prime has gone dark and is on some sort of Cybertronic spree!
  • Optimus Prime Tell me you are not placing your trust in Starscream.
  • Jetfire:: He lost his army, and I needed a guard as I attempted to identify the Titan. He presents a calculated risk.
  • Starscream: I'm a perfect guard. If there's ONE thing I'm good at it's stopping Autobots in their tracks!
Part 3Edit
  • Optimus Prime You are a more recent arrival here, but there is still a chain of command.
  • Jetfire:: A chain with links leading in various directions. It is a net with no origin or end.
  • Optimus Prime Then what path would you follow?
  • Jetfire:: Among the mysteries of science lies the key to victory. I must monitor our effect on the timestream.
  • Optimus Prime: The Commander has been assisting in each Reforged struggle we face. We can study by defending ourselves.
  • Jetfire:: ...The Commander is altering time repetitions? I shall have to stop them as well. For the sake of my research.

Mission 2 - ConquerEdit

Part 1 Edit
  • Optimus Prime: I apologize for the violence Jetfire, but Bumblebee's life may be on the line.
  • Jetfire: I understand how you have measured your choices, but disagree with your findings.
  • Optimus Prime: I shall take that under advisement. Will you be continuing your research?
  • Jetfire: I have to go back to the drawing board, you've introduced a slew of variances.
  • Optimus Prime: We will do our best to not alter things further.
  • Optimus Prime: Some alterations of course are inevitable.
Part 2 Edit
  • Optimus Prime: I already fought your leader.
  • S-1000: You fought old red leader, new blue leader demands you.
  • Optimus Prime: How exactly did Thundercracker steal you away?
  • S-1000: Same shapes but different colors and abilities. We Sharkticons see this as a norm.
  • Optimus Prime: Of course. My mission is too urgent to humor your leader's megalomania.
  • Thundercracker: Oh I wasn't looking for a chat, just a full meal for my hungry troops!
  • Optimus Prime: I'm afraid that Prime cuts are off the menu.
Part 3 Edit
  • Optimus Prime: Something dark is coming, we cease this fighting and band together.
  • Thundercracker: Hah! I rule the skies and my army rules the sea. Those on the dirt can solve their own problems.
  • Optimus Prime: There is a connection between all things, one can not exist without the others.
  • Thundercracker: I'm willing to see where the dust of your world settles.

Chapter 3 - ConsequencesEdit

Mission 1 - JudgementEdit

Part 1 Edit
  • Optimus Prime: I have spotted Bumblebee and his Optimus.
  • Marissa Faireborn: Are you sure? I'm reading one Autobot ahead and that dark signal next to them.
  • Optimus Prime: Which is the disruption?
  • Marissa Faireborn: Can't tell, the signals are too close. They are headed for a massive energy surge.
  • Optimus Prime: One of them will certainly require my assistance, I am heading in.
Part 2 Edit
  • Bumblebee (DOTM): Optimus! Stay back! I have this under control.
  • Optimus Prime: Controlled is not how I define this situation.
  • Optimus Prime (MV1): He is serving his purpose! Do not pester us!
  • Bumblebee (DOTM): He...he's just not himself right now. It's the interference, or radiation, or something!
  • Optimus Prime (MV1): Subordinate, crush this pathetic imposter and allow me to continue my work.
  • Optimus Prime: That is no Prime. Bumblebee, you must see this.
  • Bumblebee (DOTM): I can't be sure of anything right now. I promise this isn't personal!
Part 3 Edit
  • Optimus Prime (MV1): There is a light in your spark that calls to me, I look forward to extinguishing it.
  • Optimus Prime: What have the two of you been doing?
  • Bumblebee (DOTM): He said that he could...fix things. Correct our problems. He sounded different but...
  • I shall fix this troubled world by eliminating the abnormalities upon it.
  • Optimus Prime: Bumblebee, get to cover. The Commander and I will make this right.
  • Optimus Prime (MV1): You shall make nothing but a pile of ash.

Mission 2 - ObliterationEdit

Part 1 Edit
  • Optimus Prime (MV1): Hmmm...your form is simplified, yet has an elegance. I shall claim it.
  • Marissa Faireborn: Optimus! What is happening down there? Readings are like nothing I've seen.
  • Optimus Prime: Something...troubling.
  • Nemesis Prime: Yes, this seems to be a form worthy of inspiration and decimation.
  • Shockwave: It is both disturbing and devious, a definite advantage on the battlefield.
  • Optimus Prime: Shockwave, waiting in the shadows to decide what side you'd join?
  • Shockwave: Those of us in the shadows witness many secrets of this war.
Part 2 Edit
  • Nemesis Prime: This disturbance is not confined to this world or to your galaxy. You crack the foundation of time itself.
  • Optimus Prime: We wish to return to our original timelines, perhaps that is the solution.
  • Shockwave: The new arrival has a plan, one to be carried out without hesitation.
  • Optimus Prime: What is your purpose here, Shockwave?
  • Shockwave: My purpose is survival. I pledge my innumerable talents to those who assist in that goal.
  • Optimus Prime: You could have used your skills to heal this world.
  • Shockwave: I saw no value in that, but defeating you will demonstrate some degree of my abilities.
Part 3 Edit
  • Nemesis Prime: I am the end to this tangle of timelines. Step aside and accept oblivion.
  • Optimus Prime: You have my form but lack my logic. None have succeeded in claiming this world, why should you be any different?
  • Nemesis Prime: I do not bay at the moon, I am the night itself.
  • Optimus Prime: You spout poetry but provide mindless chaos.
  • Nemesis Prime: Mindless? No. I look not to save, nor lead, nor rule. I am an enemy of life!

Trivia Edit

  • This Spotlight Mission is the first new Spotlight since the Crossfire, back in December 2018.

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