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Welcome to the 'Transformers: Forged to Fight Wiki! This wiki is a database all about Kabam's Transformers: Forged to Fight mobile game, featuring characters from Hasbro's Transformers franchise!

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Calling all Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals and Predacons!

Join Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Waspinator, Rhinox, Grimlock, Soundwave and many more of your favorite bots in the battle for supremacy where Transformers universes collide. This exciting action-fighting RPG brings the heroic storytelling and spectacular action from over 30 years of Transformers history to your mobile device!

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Gameplay CommanderControlsDodging Special AttacksAbilitiesSignature AbilitySynergy BonusForgeEnergy
AllianceAlliance QuestCalendarMasteriesObjectives
Classes Scout-small.pngScoutTech-small.pngTechDemolitions-small.pngDemolitionsTactician-small.pngTacticianBrawler-small.pngBrawlerWarrior-small.pngWarrior
Items Resources: Gold.pngGoldChips: Arena-Chip.pngArena ChipRaid-Chip.pngRaid ChipBot Chip.pngBot ChipEnergon.pngEnergonLoyalty.pngLoyalty
Bot Level and Rank Up: Ore-13.pngOre-13Tier 1 Basic Spark.pngSpark (Tier 1 Basic Spark Essence.pngSpark Essence)
Tier 1 Repair Kit .pngRepair KitTier 1 Revive Kit.pngRevive KitBoost Blank.png BoostsEnergy Refill.pngAlliance Mission Energy Refill.pngEnergy Refill
Awakening Program.pngAwakening ProgramsSignature Upgrade.pngSignature Upgrades
Character Crystal 1.pngCharacter Crystal 2.pngCharacter Crystal 3.pngCrystals
Base MedalsAlliance HQBattle CenterMobile CommandRaid Shield New.pngRaid Shield
Game Modes Mission Completion.png Solo: StorySpecial MissionDaily Mission
Vs.png Versus: RaidsArenas
Alliance Mission Completion.png Alliance: Alliance Mission
Version History Betav1.0v2.0v3.0v4.0v5.0v6.0v7.0v8.0v9.0
Barricade Icon v3.jpgSideswipe Icon v3.jpgWindblade Icon v3.jpgProwl Icon.jpgBumblebee G1 Icon v2.jpgKickback Icon.jpgCheetor Icon.jpgJazz Icon.jpgPortrait slipstream gs small.jpgCharacter Slot.png
Mirage Icon v2.jpgRatchet Icon v2.jpgRhinox Icon v3.jpgSoundwave Icon v2.jpgShockwave Icon v3.jpgBlaster Icon.jpgWheeljack Icon.jpgJetfire Icon.jpgPortrait skywarp gs small.pngPortrait chromia gs small.jpg
Ironhide Icon v2.jpgMixmaster Icon v2.jpgWaspinator Icon v3.jpgMegatron Icon v3.jpgRamjet Icon v3.jpgGalvatron Icon v2.jpgMegatronus Icon.jpgPortrait cliffjump gs small.pngCharacter Slot.pngCharacter Slot.png
Optimus Prime Icon v3.jpgStarscream Icon v3.jpgBumblebee Icon v2.jpgUltra Magnus Icon v4.jpgDinobot Icon v2.jpgMegatron G1 Icon v2.jpgCyclonus Icon.jpgNemesis Prime icon.jpgPortrait rodimus gs small.jpgPortrait soundblast gs small.jpg
Grimlock Icon v3.jpgGrindor Icon v2.jpgMotormaster Icon v2.jpgOptimus Prime MV1 Icon v2.jpgOptimus Primal Icon.jpgTantrum Icon.jpgThundercracker Icon.jpgPortrait ironh gs small.pngPortrait sunstreak gs small.jpgCharacter Slot.png
Arcee Icon v3.jpgBludgeon Icon v4.jpgBonecrusher Icon v3.jpgDrift Icon v2.jpgHot Rod Icon v2.jpgHound Icon.jpgScorponok Icon.jpgNecrotronus Icon.jpgPortrait dirge gs small.pngCharacter Slot.png
Other Sharkticon Scout Icon v3.jpgTech Sharkticon Icon v3.jpgDemolitions Sharkticon Icon v3.jpgSharkticon Tactician Icon v3.jpgSharkticon Brawler Icon v3.jpgSharkticon Warrior Icon v3.jpgGolden Sharkticon Icon.jpgS-1000 Icon v2.jpg

QuintessonsMarissa Faireborn

Attack Harm Accelerator Icon New.jpgLaser Guidance Module Icon New.jpgNightbird's Mark Icon New.jpgRobot Resource Icon New.jpgSuperconductor Icon.jpgSuperconductor Icon New.jpgScout's Sentry Icon.jpg
Defense EMI Module Icon New.jpgRepair Module Icon New.jpgSecurity Module Icon New.jpgStrange Refractor Icon New.jpgTech Console Icon.jpgCharacter Slot.pngCharacter Slot.png
Utility Exo-Filter Icon New.jpgParalyzer Icon New.jpgTranswarp Cell Icon.jpgPrime Module Icon.jpgUtility Mod Icon New.jpgCharacter Slot.pngCharacter Slot.png
Covenant of the Primus Icon v2.jpgStar Saber Icon v2.jpgImmobilizer Icon v2.jpgDark Energon Orb Icon v2.jpgUnstable Energon Cube Icon v2.jpgFallen Titan Hand v3.jpgMatrix of Leadership Icon.jpg
Effigy of Solus Prime Icon.jpgThe Matrix of Leadership icon.jpgStable Nucleon Core icon.jpgGold Raid Trophy icon.jpgCloaking Field Icon.jpgHot Rod Relic Icon.jpgMegatron Relic Icon.jpg
Gold Galvatron Relic Icon.jpgGold Shattered Disk Icon.jpgGold Megatron Relic G1 Icon.jpgGold Primal Relic Icon.jpgGold Hound Relic Icon.jpgGold Kickback Relic Icon.jpgGold Blaster Relic Icon.jpg
Gold Cheetor Relic Icon.jpgGold Jazz Relic Icon.jpgGolden Disk Icon.jpgAllspark Icon.jpgGold Bee Relic Icon.jpgCharacter Slot.pngCharacter Slot.png
Articles of Interest

Act 4, Chapter 2

The Decepticons get the band back togeher.

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Daily Calendar

Login everyday until the end of the month to get a 4-Star Bot and other prizes!

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