The Transwarp Cell is a Utility Mod that can drain an opponent's Power and makes the Bot Defender use Heavy Attacks more often.

Transwarp Cell


Transform and warp enemy power with the perfect accessory for any space-time traveler. Place this Module on your Base and pair it with a Bot known for their reliable Heavy Attacks for maximum performance.

Max StatsEdit


Power Drain

  • Passive: Defending Bots paired with this Module are 500% more likely to activate Heavy Attacks.
  • Passive: Enemies generate 15~% less Power for each full Power Bar they have. Abilities that generate Power are not affected.
  • Heavy Attacks: 100% Chance to drain 15~% total Power.
Power Flow


Heavy Attack

Power Drain

1 15% 15%
2 17% 25%
3 20% 35%
4 23% 45%

Signature AbilityEdit

Power Combustion

Enemies that have their Power drained take Heat Damage based on the amount of Power drained.

When Draining Power: Ignite enemies that have their Power drained, dealing up to 50~% Attack as Heat Damage based on the amount pf Power drained.

Level Burn
5 50%


It is recommended to use this Mod with Bots whose Heavy Attacks have special abilities.

Base Defense Edit

  • Kickback - Ensuring Kickback routinely slams into his opponent with Heavy Attacks will allow him to take great advantage of his Consume and Signature abilities.
  • Megatron - Getting hit by his Fusion Cannon and having Power drained at the same time is the quickest way to the scrap pile.
  • Megatron (ROTF) - This will encourage him to use his powerful Heavy Attacks other than his Enraged periods and provide a potent way to lock down the opponent’s Power flow.
  • Mirage - It would be a mistake to dash in right after shooting Mirage while he's transforming, because projectiles will miss while he's in F1 mode.
  • Nemesis Prime - Nemesis will use his attack and armor nullifying abilities to the fullest when he uses his heavy attack more often and will be doing constant heat damage with his heavy attacks, this dark clone will make sure to lock down any opponent who faces him.
  • Ramjet - This mod will boost the chance Ramjet uses his Unstoppable Heavy Attacks.
  • Soundwave - This Mod will allow Soundwave to drain the opponents' Power while charging his own.
  • Shockwave - This Mod will allow Shockwave to more intelligently make use of his Energy Charges when he gets them.
  • Windblade can avoid all ranged attacks while she flies into opponents.
  • Wheeljack will keep making gaining or replacing lost upgrades.
  • Thundercracker will keep on Purifying Damaging Debuffs.

Raids Edit

  • Kickback's T-Clog can prevent an opponent from using a heavy attack.

Obtainment Edit

  • the 3~4 Star Mod can be found in the Exclusive Mod Crystal.


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