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Utility Mods are only used by opponents in Missions. They have no specific abilities, as they give any kind of Buffs depending on the Mission.

It is possible to see the Mod's effects on your opponent if you select a Bot's portrait (not the actual node) in the Mission. On the "Node Info" screen, you can select "Local Mod" to see the Mod's abilities. You can also tap on the Mod's picture in the "Bot Selection" screen before you start a fight if you want to find out what kind of effects it provides to your opponent.

It is highly recommended that you view the Mod's effects before you start a hard battle or even go on one of the harder paths when exploring Missions, especially in Challenge Missions like The Last Knight Challenge and Expert difficulties in Spotlight Missions, as these Mods give a formidable effect to opponents that must be strategically overcome.

List of EffectsEdit

There are at least four tiers for each effect, maximum 6. "Opponent" refers to your Bots.

Basic Boosts Edit

  • Health Boost - +25~50~100~200~300~500% Health
  • Melee Damage - Increases Melee damage by 25~50~100~150%
  • Critical Damage - Increase Critical Damage by 25~50~100~150%
  • Critical Rate - Increases Critical Rate by +15~25~50~75%
  • Prime Boost - 25~50~100~150% Attack and Health
  • Ranged Damage - Increases Ranged Damage by 25~50~100~150~~300% and Ranged Speed.
  • Special Damage - Increases Special Damage by 25~50~100~150~200~300%.
  • Special 3 Unlocked - Special Attack 3 unlocked. Watch out!

Power Control Edit

  • Power Flow - Increases the Power generated from all attacks by ~~100%~.
  • Focus Power Gain - Activates a Power Gain Buff when not struck by a melee attack for 6 seconds, generating 3~3.6~4.2% of Max Power per second.
  • Defensive Power Gain - When Blocking, generates 7.5~15~22.5~30% of a Power Bar per second.
  • Harness Power - Each bar of Power adds and additional effect to successful melee attacks. 1 bar adds Melee Repair, 2 bars add Power Drain, and 3 bars adds Shock Damage.
  • Power Charge - When hit this bot generates a Power Charge. When this bot reaches 8 Power Charges, the next successful hit within 5 seconds consumes all charges, generating a large amount of Power.
  • Power Start - Starts with 1 Bar(s) of Power.

Armor/Resistance Control Edit

  • Armor - Gain an Armor Buff, reducing damage from attacks by 15~25~50~75~%.
  • Armor Pierce - Attack bypass ~25~~75% of the opponent's current Armor.
  • Adaptive - Cycles between +39~46~55~~~90% Physical or Energy Resistance every 7.5 seconds.
  • Cycle Resist - Cycles through Melee, Ranged, and Special Damage resistances at ~75~100~125% damage resistance.
  • Gain Armor - When stuck, there's a 6% to gain a 15~??~40~60~??~85% Armor Buff. Additionally, this Buff automatically activates when a Special Attack is activated by the opponent.
  • Energon Shield - When Energon shield is active, absorb ~8~18~30% of opponent's Attack as Heath. When Energon Shield is down, all resistances are reduced by -~35~50~65%.

Attack Control Edit

  • Replicate - When the opponents receives a buff, activate a Buff with a matching effect that lasts ~~4 seconds. Once activated, Replicate can only trigger again after 5 seconds.
  • Buff Duration - Buff Duration is increased by ~~75~100%
  • Debuff Duration
  • Randomizer - At the start of the fight and every 18 seconds, activates a random, Attack, Armor, or Resistance Buff, Each buff increases respective attributes by ~~20~30%. Buffs stack up to 10 max.
  • Trigger Rate 2 - Increases Trigger Rate of attacks by 25%

Block Edit

  • Block Proficiency - Reduces incoming damage from enemy attacks that are successfully blocked by 7.5~~25%
  • Shock Block - Blocked Melee Attacks cause opponents to take 10~25~50~100% of opponent's Attack as Shock Damage over 4 seconds.
  • Heavy Block - Block is no longer broken by opponent's Heavy Attack. Gain 0.5 bars of Power when Blocking an opponent's Heavy Attack.
  • Absorb Attacks - Blocking 5 attacks provides an Unblockable Special Buff, making Special Attacks Unblockable and increasing Special Damage for 10 seconds.

Critical Control Edit

  • Critical Damage Timed - Increase Critical Rate by 50~~~% for 7.5 seconds. Recharges in 15 seconds.
  • Critical Rate Timed 2 - Increase Critical Rate by +50% for 7.5 seconds. Recharges in 15 seconds.
  • Target Vitals

Heavy Attacks Edit

  • Heavy Attack Stun - Heavy Attacks Stun the Opponent for ~3.5 ~seconds.
  • Stagger - Heavy Attacks inflict the opponent with a Stun for 1.5~2~2.5~3% seconds, Power Lock for 4~5~7~9 seconds, or a 25~35~50~65% Armor Break for 7 seconds. (Also makes the bot much more likely to use Heavy Attacks)

Melee Damage Edit

  • Melee Bleed - On Melee attacks, inflict a stack of Bleed dealing 50~100~150~200% Attack as Bleed damage over 7.5 seconds per stack of Bleed.
  • Melee Power Burn

Ranged Attacks Edit

  • Ranged Damage - Increases Ranged damage by ~50~100% and ranged speed.
  • Ranged Shock - On ranged attacks, inflict a stack of Shock dealing 10~25~50~100~300% Attack as Shock damage over 7.5 seconds per stack of Shock.
  • Reflect Ranged - Reflects incoming ranged attacks while Blocking, dealing ~~120~140~200% of their original damage.
  • Aim Enhancer - Basic Ranged Attacks are Unblockable.
  • Improved Aim Enhancer - Basic Attacks are Unblockable.
  • Hacked Aim Enhancer - Basic Ranged Attacks are Unblockable and ranged speed is randomized.
  • Absorb Projectile - When struck by Basic Ranged Attacks, Repair 15~25~50~75% of opponent's Attack.
  • Ranged Power Burn - Basic and Ranged Heavy Attacks drain a small amount of Power on hit.

Evasion Edit

  • Evade Melee - 5~10~15~20% chance to Evade Melee Attacks.
  • Evade Power Gain - When Evading a Melee Attack, gain 26~31~36~43~~60% of a Power Bar.

Special Attacks Edit

  • Enhanced Special 1 - Special 1 deals +20% more damage and cannot be Blocked.
  • Enhanced Special 2 - Special 2 deals +20% more damage and cannot be Blocked.
  • Special Attack Stun - On the last hit of Special Attacks, Stun the opponent for 2~2.5~3~3.5 seconds.
  • Special Damage Timed 3 - Increases Special Damage by ~200~% for 7.5 seconds. Recharges in 15 seconds.
  • Strike Back - When hit by a Special Attack, this enemy gains 1 bar of Power.
  • All or Nothing - Stores Power until its Special Attack 3 is ready.

Timed Edit

These temporarily increase an enemy bot's ability greatly. On Expert and Master levels, be sure to avoid all deadly boosted attacks or defensive abilites for the duration of the effect.

  • Armor Timed - gains an Armor Buff, reducing attack from opponents by ~50~75~90% for 7.5 seconds. Recharges in 15 seconds.
  • Armor Pierce Timed - Attacks bypass % of the opponent's current Armor for 7.5 seconds. Recharges in 15 seconds.
  • Melee Timed - Increase Melee Damage by ~100~200~% for 7.5 seconds. Recharges in 15 seconds.
  • Power Flow Timed - Increases the Power generated from all attacks by 50~100~200~400% for 7.5 seconds. Recharges in 15 seconds.
  • Ranged Timed - Increases Ranged damage and speed 50~100~200~400% for 7.5 seconds. Recharges in 15 seconds.
  • Repair Timed 2 - Repair 6% Health over 7.5 seconds. Recharges in 15 seconds.
  • Trigger Rate Timed 2 - Increase the Trigger Rate of abilities by +50% for 7.5 seconds. Recharges in 15 seconds.

Use Your Damage over Time Effects Edit

Use a specific damaging debuff to overcome these effects. Used in Ancient Sanctum maps.

  • Pyrophobia - Start with an Attack Buff that increases Attack damage by 150% and can be removed with Burn Debuffs. Attack Buff will return after 10 seconds.
  • Hemophobia - Start with a Power Gain Buff that generates 3.6% Max Power every second which can be removed with Bleed debuffs. Power Gain Buff will return after 10 seconds.
  • Electrophobia - Start with a 75% All Resist Buff which can be removed with Shock debuffs. Resist Buff will return after 10 seconds.

Player Effect Edit

These affect the Commander's Bot rather than the enemy Bot.

  • Attack Barrier - Immune to Basic Attack Damage. Opponent's power Rate is increased by ~~100~200%. Opponent's Special 3 Attack is disabled.
  • Finesse - Opponent starts with Power Rate reduced to 0. Opponents generate ~~15~% of Power Bar when sidestepping or dodging an attack. Opponents generate 60% of a Power Bar when Evading an Attack.
  • Energon Storm - Inflicts Shock Damage based on opponent's power bar. The higher the power level, the more Shock damage inflicted. Opponent's Special 2 Attacks repair 10% of their max Health and Special 3 Attacks repair 25% of their max Health.
  • Fatigue - Each Dash Back or Sidestep a generates stack of Fatigue that last a short duration. Accumulating 5 stacks causes the next Dash Back or Sidestep to inflict Stun for 2 seconds.
  • Power Wipe - Every 30~25 seconds, the opponent's Power Meter will be fully depleted.
  • Life Transfer 2 - This Bot repairs the the opponent for 20% of damage dealt when hit, but passively drains 0.5% of the opponent's health.
  • Power Conductor - This Bot grants ~60~80% more Power when hit, but constantly drains opponent's Power.

Advanced Edit

  • Rampage - Starts with a Resistance Buff and all Attack Buffs. Each attack Buff adds 25-50~%, and is removed when hit by the corresponding attack. When all Attack Buffs are removed, the Resistance Buff is nullified. Buffs return in 20 seconds. (In other words, the opponent is immune to damage until hit by a melee, ranged, and special attack.)
  • Focused Frenzy: Focus Frenzy grants Unstoppable for 4~5~8~9 seconds. Stacks of Focus Frenzy can be removed by taking hits. If Unstoppable is removed before expiry, the Bot is Stunned for 3 seconds.
  • Focus Repair - Activates a repair buff when not struck by a melee attack for 6 seconds, healing 0.3~% of max Health per second.
  • Last-Ditch Repair - Once per fight, activates a Repair Buff when below 20% Health, healing ~15~30~40% of max Health over 6 seconds.
  • Bleed Immunity - Immune to Bleed.
  • Megatronic Augmenter - (Rulers of Kaon) Megatron ordered Mixmaster to create an Energon infusing mod which enhances bots linked to him. This unlocks their Special 3 Attack and boosts Health and Attack. As evidenced by the name, Megatron retained naming rights.
  • Jurassic Spark - (Revenge of the King) This mods grants a continuously increasing counter that provides buffs at 25, 50, and 75. Each stack of the counter is removed for every 500 damage taken by this bot. At 99 stacks this Bot becomes Enraged.
    • 25 Stacks: Melee Fury
    • 50 Stacks: Projectile Speed and Damage
    • 75 Stacks: Special 3 is Unlocked
    • 99 Stacks: Run and duck for cover, because your Opponent is Enraged. They’ll have all the above buffs, plus Power Gain, and they’ll become Unstoppable! You also will not be able to remove any stacks of the counter at this time! So word to the wise… Never let your opponent get to 99!

Story Edit

Effects that have appeared prominently in Story Mode.

  • Special 3 Power (This is a 1-Star Module) Passive: Passive Power Gain over time until Special 3 is activated. Used by Grimlock in Act 1-Ch1-M3.
  • T-Cog Disabler - Prevents opponent from changing into alt-modes during battle.
  • Mega-Rager - (Act 2-Ch3-M4) - As the fight goes on, Grimlock becomes increasingly agitated. When struck, there's a 20% chance to gain an Attack Buff, Armor Break Debuff, and becomes more aggressive.
  • Shark Frenzy: Attack! - At 50% health or lower, all successful melee attacks grant 2% bonus Attack stacking indefinitely.
  • Shark Frenzy: Heavy Boost - At 50% health or lower,
  • Shark Frenzy: Power Rate - At 50% health or lower, Power gained from attacking or being attacked is doubled.
  • Shark Frenzy: Rend - At 50% health or lower,
  • Shark Frenzy: Shock Block - At 50% health or lower, blocking Melee attacks causes opponents to take 50% of attack as Shock damage over 4 seconds.
  • Shark Frenzy: Unstoppable - At 50% health or lower, taking 7 hits grants Unstoppable.
  • Temporal Anomalizer- Reduces opponent's ranged attack speed. Only appeared in A Question of Loyalty Missions.
  • The Equalizer - When the defender takes a Critical Hit, it will be granted a repair, an Armor Up or be inflicted with Shock Damage. These effects can stack. (First appeared in What Could Go Wrong?)
  • The Re-Equalizer - When the defender takes a Critical Hit, it will be granted a Fury Buff, an Increased Critical Rate Buff or be inflicted with Burn Damage. These effects can stack.

Alliance Mission Edit

Effects that are encountered with linked and unlinked Bosses in Alliance Missions.

  • Lesser Link Shield - Shielded by a powerful Linked Node, capping damage from each attack by 10% of their max Health, repairing 10% of their max health per second, and granting immunity to all Debuffs. Wait for an ally to remove the link.
  • Greater Link Shield - Shielded by a powerful Linked Node, capping damage from each attack by 2% of their max Health, repairing 2% of their max health per second, and granting immunity to all Debuffs. Wait for an ally to remove the link.
  • Relentless Assault - Each time an opponent Sidesteps or Dashes an attack this bots gains a 3~~10% Attack Buff. When this bot reaches 10 Attack Buffs it becomes Unstoppable for 4 seconds and consumes all Attack Buffs when the Unstoppable ability ends.
  • Evolving Power: Phase 1 - Between 100% - 75% Health, Protection from attacks until opponent maintains a Combo of 15 or higher.
  • Evolving Power: Phase 2 - Between 75% - 50% Health, every 7.5 seconds, cycle between a Melee, Ranged, and Special Attack Buff. Each Attack Buff adds 300%.
  • Evolving Power: Phase 3 - Between 50% - 25% Health, every 10 seconds, cycle through protection from Melee and Ranged Attacks.
  • Evolving Power: Phase 4 - Between 25% - 0% Health, activate a Repair Buff when not struck by a melee attack for 6 seconds. healing 1% of max Health per second. Repair stops at 25% max Health.
  • Evolving Power: Phase 5 - When dropped to 0% Heath, become Enraged for 6 seconds. While Enraged, Attack is increased by 300%, become Unstoppable, and have protection from Attacks.