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Warriors are one of the six Bot Classes in Transformers: Forged to Fight. It has a Class Bonus against Scouts, but is weak to Brawlers.

In-Game Description

Warrior Bots have deadly accuracy and love bleeding Energon from their opponents.

  • The tracking systems of Warrior Bots give them an advantage over the evasive Scout Bots.
  • Most Warriors can inflict Bleed debuffs.
  • Warriors' Buffs such as Precision can counter Evade abilities.


Almost all Warriors specialize in anti-evasion and Bleeds, though some may incorporate one or the other, or both. For example, Hot Rod never Bleeds but specializes in anti-evasion, Bludgeon specializes in Bleeds and Arcee specializes in both.

Warriors, much like the class they're meant to counter, the Scouts, like to score Critical Hits and may have buffs related to those. They are also usually close-range, usually fighting with a melee weapon of some sort. However, this reliance on close-range attacks turns out to also be their downfall, as Brawlers have abilities that counter these kinds of attacks.

List of Warrior Bots