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Well, That's Just Primal is a Spotlight Mission that ran from January to February 8, 2018.

This event was re-ran (ReForged) from February 7 to March 7, 2019.

Rewards Edit

Act Completion Rewards Edit

  • Easy: 500 Premium Mod Crystal Shards, 2-Star Bot Crystal, 2000 Premium Bot Crystal Shards
  • Medium: 500 3-Star Bot Crystal Shards, 2000 T1 Alpha Spark Essence, Premium Bot Crystal
  • Hard: 5000 T1 Alpha Spark Essence, 2 Premium Bot Crystals, 1000 T3 Basic Spark Essence
  • Expert: T3 Basic Spark, 2 T1 Alpha Spark, 5 Premium Bot Crystals

Act Exploration Rewards Edit

  • Easy: Primal Relic, Premium Bot Crystal, 3000 Premium Bot Crystal Shards, 1000 Galvatron Chips
  • Medium: Bronze Primal Relic, 3000 T1 Alpha Spark, 3 Premium Bot Crystals, 3000 Galvatron Chips
  • Hard: Silver Primal Relic, 1000 4-Star Bot Crystal Shards, 2500 T3 Basic Spark Essence, 5000 Galvatron Chips
  • Expert: Gold Primal Relic, 5000 T2 Alpha Spark Essence, Superior Bot Crystal

Chapter 1 - Buying Time Edit

Well That's Just Primal Chapter 1

Furry Incursion Edit

  • Boss: Rhinox

Part 1

  • Ratchet: Commander, Optimus, the Spacebridge incursions keep happening.
  • Optimus Prime: It would seem they are becoming more regular. As though they were on an Earth month cycle.
  • Ratchet: Correct. We've scouted the location where incursion occured.
  • Optimus Prime: Any clues as to who or what may have come through?
  • Ratchet: Perhaps, but I'm not sure the significance. We found a clump of fur... Gray fur.
  • Rhinox: *Primal!*

Part 2

  • Dinobot: Rhinox, what are you doing out here?
  • Rhinox: I've seen this before. They'll try to hunt him down...
  • Dinobot: Hunt who down?
  • Rhinox: Optimus Primal! He's here and "their" Optimus is sure to follow their standard operating procedure.
  • Dinobot: Which is?
  • Rhinox: Order the Commander to go on a mission to hunt Optimus Primal down and beat some sense into him so they can debrief him. Primal doesn't deserve that. He needs time. I'm going to buy him some.
  • Optimus Prime: Rhinox, you summoned us?

Part 3

  • Rhinox: Indeed I did. I have information and a request.
  • Optimus Prime: You are a Maximal of honor, proceed.
  • Rhinox: I know who you hunt, and I have been in contact. Optimus Primal is here, but he is out of sorts at the present time.
  • Optimus Prime: "Out of sorts" can have serious ramifications for us all. We need to bring him back to HQ so Ratchet can help him.
  • Rhinox: Which brings me to my request. Let me help him, On my terms... On Maximal terms.
  • Optimus Prime: You know I cannot. His current state combined with his Primal power could endanger us all.
  • Rhinox: Then it is no longer a request. It is a statement. I will help my friend, and you will not stop me. Do what you must, Commander.

Poisoned Primal Edit

  • Boss: Waspinator

Part 1

  • Prowl: Optimus, I saw that the bug has returned from patrol. Did he find out anything useful?
  • Optimus Prime: Prowl, my old friend. His name is Waspinator, and he is now a trusted member of our alliance.
  • Prowl: Ungh... "Trusted"... That'll be the day.
  • Optimus Prime: I order you to afford him the respect he is due. And, yes, he did confirm the identity of our latest arrival. He is a Maximal namesake of mine... Optimus Primal.
  • Prowl: Another Prime?! Well, that's some news we could use.
  • Optimus Prime: Not so fast. There is a catch. Waspinator reports that he is not in a stable mental state. He is out there swinging swords and I guess you could say... Going ape.
  • Prowl: I know what comes next. Commander, let's roll out!

Part 2

  • Waspinator: I see the big hornbot, but you look damaged. What happened to you, Maximal?
  • Rhinox: I got in the way of the Commander and Optimus Prime.
  • Waspinator: That wazzz a dumb idea. What makes the hornbot so stupid?
  • Rhinox: Because Optimus Primal is here, but somehow his circuits got crossed. I'm going to... We're going to... Help him before Optimus and his Autobot patrol gets heavy handed with him.
  • Waspinator: Why would Wazzzpinator help the apebot?
  • Rhinox: Because he'e one of us. He's our kind. And, you know he'll treat you right, with respect, when he gets sorted.
  • Waspinator: I suppozzzze. Maybe Wazzzpinator can help....

Part 3

  • Waspinator: Hornbot, you were right. I found apebot and he is acting crazzzzy.
  • Rhinox: Any signs why he's acting deranged?
  • Waspinator: Other than Scorponok's cyberbee drone attached to hizzz butt?
  • Rhinox: What?!
  • Waspinator: Yezzz. Scorponok's drone is attached to him and making the monkey Maximal go bananazzz.
  • Rhinox: I know. I'm familiar with the effects. You go distract the Commander. I'm going to find an antidote.
  • Waspinator: Waspinator fend off the Commander? How?!
  • Rhinox: Oh, I don't know. How about shoot some green lasers or ride a big bomb into them?

Part 4

  • Optimus Prime: Ah, Waspinator ...have you any news of Optimus Primal's whereabouts?
  • Waspinator: Ummm... Uhhhh... No?
  • Prowl: Not very convincing, you insect.
  • Optimus Prime: Prowl, desist! I ask you again, Waspinator, do you have any news?
  • Waspinator: Hornbot sayzzz Wazzzpinator needzzz to distract you while he helps Optimus Primal.
  • Prowl: Distract us how?
  • Waspinator: Ummm... Green lasers and big bombs?

Chapter 2 - Animal Kingdom Unite Edit

Well That's Just Primal Chapter 2

Sharkticon Week Edit

  • Boss: S-1000

Part 1

  • S-1000: My olfactory sensors detect a Maximal, or Predacon, or whatever it is you call yourselves.
  • Rhinox: I am a Maximal - part Cybertronian, part beast. From the looks of things, we share something in common.
  • S-1000: Such as?
  • Rhinox: A link to the Beastie side of life.
  • S-1000: That may be true, but what of it? I have seen both the Bots and Quintessons using and abusing my kind. Do you suggest you are different?
  • Rhinox: I suggest the one I seek, my leader, the great Optimus Primal is different. He understands our kind. He can be trusted. Will you help me find him?
  • S-1000: I'll contemplate it.

Part 2

  • Rhinox: Have you reached a decision? Will you help?
  • S-1000: Your appearance and apparent sincerity sway me, but honestly, my brethren and I have nothing left to lose.
  • Rhinox: Then you'll help?
  • S-1000: Yes, but temporarily... For a period of time... Let's say... A week?
  • Rhinox: A Sharkticon week? Sounds intriguing. Are you willing to engage in battle?
  • S-1000: We were built for it.

Part 3

  • S-1000: The Commander approaches with a squad that has taken damage. I smell Energon in the water.
  • Optimus Prime: Trust that we mean you no harm, Sharkticon.
  • S-1000: I bet you say that to all the victims of your freedom crusade. Well, I'm not buying it anymore. There's a new Primal in town, and I plan to see what he has to offer.
  • Optimus Prime: We can work together for the betterment of all... At the very least for the survival of all.
  • S-1000: Been there, heard that. When will this fantasy come true?
  • Optimus Prime: It takes time.
  • S-1000: Yeah? Well, the only time I'm interested in is... FRENZY TIME!

Primal Alert Edit

  • Boss: G1 Grimlock

Part 1

  • Rhinox: Grimlock, I need to talk to you.
  • Grimlock: Why is Rhinobot here? Grimlock hear Optimus is looking for you.
  • Rhinox: He may be, but I'm looking for you... For your help.
  • Grimlock: Why Grimlock help you? Why Grimlock not help Optimus?
  • Rhinox: But has Optimus ever really helped you? Or has he often questioned your intelligence, your abilities, your leadership?
  • Grimlock: Ugh... Rhinobot says thing that might be true. Optimus did lock Grimlock up. He did say me too dangerous, Maybe I help you. What you want?
  • Rhinox: Just delay the Commander. They will be looking for a friend of mine, a friend that can help Grimlock get Optimus' respect.
  • Grimlock: Grimlock not know what delay means. But me do know what smash means.
  • Rhinox: That will do, my friend.

Part 2

  • Rhinox: It's you! I've finally found you!
  • Optimus Primal: Or, did I finally find you in this Primus forsaken land of chaos and enemies?!
  • Rhinox: Optimus, we heard you had arrived. We also heard you had some sort of ailment.
  • Optimus Primal: My aliment was my Maximals abandoning me back on Earth.
  • Rhinox: We didn't abandon you... We were brought here without our consent. Like you.
  • Optimus Primal: You, Dinobot, Cheetor... All of you... Deserters! What do you have to say for yourselves?
  • Rhinox: *Cheetor!?* Trust me, Optimus, we are here to help you. I have gathered friends that will help you get sorted.
  • Optimus Primal: I've seen them. I've crushed them, let others pass. Perhaps, it's time to introduce more to my reality... The reality of the Primal!

Part 3

  • Prowl: Commander, we have a code red monkey alert!
  • Optimus Primal: Monkey?! Hardly. I am a Maximal! A Prime! You talk scrap, can you back it up?
  • Prowl: Commander, teach big, metal, and hairy a lesson.

Part 4

  • Prowl: Ah, Grimlock... Good to see you. Were you sent to join us in the search for the one they call Primal?
  • Grimlock: Grimlock not know who you look for. The Rhinobot say you want to hurt his friend.
  • Prowl: We don't want to hurt him. We want to help him.
  • Grimlock: You have many bots and weapons. That not look like help.
  • Prowl: Don't be stupid, big guy...
  • Grimlock: Arrgghhh! Rhinobot say you call me stupid! He be right! Time for Grimlock to delay you and the Commander!
  • Prowl: Delay, distract... Jeez... Why won't anyone just say... "LET'S FIGHT!?"

Chapter 3 - Primal Time Edit

Well That's Just Primal Chapter 3

I Will Not Ask... Edit

  • Boss: Dinobot

Part 1

  • Optimus Prime: Prowl, seeing as the Commander is the strong silent type, please report the results of the last mission.
  • Prowl: Well, Rhinox duped Grimlock into helping him. I can't blame Grimlock, though. His insecurities make him an easy mark.
  • Optimus Prime: What about the Maximal? Any sign of him?
  • Prowl: Sign? More like a big hairy stop sign. He ambushed us, but the commander and squad made short work of him.
  • Optimus Prime: So, he is not the threat Rhinox suggests?
  • Prowl: I wouldn't say that. I'd say he was feeling us out... Testing us. Pretty sure next time we meet banana breath... It'll be for real.

Part 2

  • Dinobot: Rhinox, I smell you. Show yourself.
  • Rhinox: Good to smell you too, friend. What brings you to me?
  • Dinobot: A warning, from one warrior of honor to another.
  • Rhinox: If I was a betting bot, I'd say it has something to do with Primal.
  • Dinobot: Correct. the Commander and their Optimus Prime are becoming increasingly impatient with Primal's dangerous behavior.
  • Rhinox: I understand, but I need time to find the antidote to Scorponok's cyberbee drone virus. It's spreading through Primal's circuitry causing spikes in his eradicate actions.
  • Dinobot: Time is a luxury I'm not sure we have.
  • Rhinox: I will not ask you to do...
  • Dinobot: What Optimus Primal would not do... Himself... For a friend. He would help. I will help.

Part 3

  • Optimus Prime: Greetings, Dinobot. Is your presence here a mere coincidence? I suspect not.
  • Dinobot: You deduce well. I am here to stand for a friend, a comrade, a brother in arms.
  • Optimus Prime: Primal? Is he nearby? We must talk with him.
  • Dinobot: I've run missions with you. I know how you and the Commander "talk".
  • Prowl: Look, lizard face, we only do what's necessary to stabilize the situation and secure the peace.
  • Dinobot: I am here to see that you will not "talk" to him until he is ready... And well.
  • Prowl: Why put your dinotail on the line? Why take a beating for an out of control ape?
  • Dinobot: I owe him my life. I can do no less.

Unless I'd Do It Myself Edit

  • Boss: Optimus Primal

Part 1

  • Rhinox: Optimus, the Commander and Autobots are closing in on you.
  • Optimus Primal: Let them. I'm done running. It's go time.
  • Rhinox: With all due respect, they mean well. And... You are not well.
  • Optimus Primal: I'm fine! In fact, I'm just prime!
  • Rhinox: Sorry, boss, but you're not. Scorponok's virus has infiltrated your circuitry and is making you act out of character.
  • Optimus Primal: Enough with the insubordination. Let them come and stay out of the way.
  • Rhinox: At least find an antidote. Just a bit more time.
  • Optimus Primal: For you, I'll grant your wish... A bit. But then, the power of the Primal will be unleashed!

Part 2

  • Optimus Prime: Rhinox, I admire your loyalty and friendship to Optimus Primal, but he trail of destruction he leaves behind cannot be tolerated.
  • Rhinox: I'm afraid you're right. Many of us have tried to talk some sense into him, but to no avail. Until we find an antidote to the virus that infects him, there's not much we can do.
  • Prowl: But there's plenty I can do. Just wait till I find him.
  • Optimus Prime: There's no need for threats, Prowl. Pump your brakes.

Part 3

  • Prowl: Look, Commander its the banana breath Maximal. Let's wrap this mission up.
  • Optimus Prime: Prowl, enough with the insults. Stand down!
  • Optimus Primal: Listen to your Prime, Autobot. Stand down or get beat down.
  • Prowl: So, are you done letting others fight your battles?
  • Optimus Primal: I only ask them to do what I would do myself.
  • Optimus Prime: I understand and respect your honor and predicament. But, we can't let you rampage across the wasteland and endanger innocents. We... Rhinox... Can help you.
  • Optimus Primal: When I'm done with you, you'll be the one needing the help!

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